This is my crazy life (SEQUEL TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVE)

My name is Lucy Burnstun and I am 15 years old. My mother Candy is married to my dad Harry styles, yeah I know what you are thinking omg your dad is in one direction. Another note yes one direction is still around just not as popular as when I was little. Well anyway my uncles aka the other members of one direction are my whole life, they are there for me when I am having troubles at school or when I need to just get away from home for a little while. You see I am having a problem now that I can tell anyone not even my uncles thats how bad it is or is it a blessing in disguise? follow me through the journey of my life and the troubles that get in the way.


19. I love you no matter what happens


"Goose are you okay?" Uncle Niall broke the silence and it sent me over the edge I ran up the stairs to a room and cried. I cried until I heard a knock at the door. 

"hey Lucy can I come in please?" It was dad. I didn't want to tell him but part of me told me that I would have to sooner or later so I figured now would be better than later. 

"I guess" I sniffed wiping away the tears. Dad came in and sat next to me on the bed. 

"Now Lucy why don't you tell me what is bothering you" I looked him in the eyes and shook my head. 

"You aren't going to love me anymore if I tell you" Dads eyes got wide.

"Lucy no matter what you do or have done it won't make me love you any less" I nodded and began to speak.

"Dad, mom and I went to the hospital today because I had been getting sick on the plane and I told mom that the only test that they didn't do after the incident was a pregnancy test" I put my head in my hand and sobbed. 

"Lucy what are you saying?" he hugged me and I could feel his tears hit the top of my head like the rain that falls from the sky. 

"I am saying that I am pregnant and it could be chris's or Zacs we won't know until after the baby is born. Now you probably  hate me right?" 

"Lucy like I said I love you no matter what and things like this happen all the time, yeah I may be a bit sad because you are my little girl but everything happens for a reason" I smiled at his reassuring word. Somehow they comforted me.

"So what do we do now?" I asked

"Well, now we take it one step at a time " he hugged me once more and then left me alone. 

I couldn't bear to think of what the girls downstairs will say when they find out that I am pregnant at 15. Life just got a whole lot harder but like dad said everything happens for a reason. I guess he is right even if the situation suks major ass. 



"I have upset her" I put my head in my hands trying to figure out what I could have possibly said wrong. I have never upset Lucy like this, sure we have small arguments but that is expected between a niece and Uncle. I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

"Mate you didn't upset her she is just going through something and I think that I should tell you all what exactly she is going through" I looked up at Harry and Candy standing in front of everyone in the living room. 



Harry and I took a deep breath and looked at each other. I looked at our big one direction family in front of us. They will be supportive I know it, we have been through too much together to not stick together through this. 

"Every one I think you should know that I took Lucy to the hospital today because she had been getting sick for the past couple of days and after the rape they didn't give her a pregnancy test during the exam" Everyone was now looking and listening intently to what I was saying. 

"So what are you saying?"Jenn spoke u. 

"We are saying that Lucy is pregnant and she is a bit upset because she thinks that you will all hate her because of the situation" Harry said and I looked down. 

"I am 100% supportive and I will be here when she needs anything" Daniela chimed in and Zayn nodded 

"Candy and Harry I want you to know that we have been through to much as a family to not want to help out and we could never judge this kind of thing, I mean we have all had our scare with this kind of thing at one point or another" Maria spoke and her words soothed me and made me feel at ease. 

"There is one thing I think you should also know" Harry spoke and he looked at Zac 

"You should know that there is a chance that this baby is Zac's but we will not know until the baby is born, Maria I know you aren't going to be too happy with Zac but just remember that whatever happens Zac is a good kid and he will do what is right for Lucy and the baby" I spoke and Maria nodded. 

"Just like what Zayn and Daniela said I am going to be here with you  guys through every step of the way, though she may only be 15 everything in this world happens for a reason even if it means getting hurt or being blessed" Maria said. 

"Umm can I come in?" I heard a voice from behind. I turned to find Lucy standing at the entrance to the living room. 

"Of course you can and no one is mad or upset we are all supportive of you" Louis spoke up he had tears in his eyes. 



She is so young and to have a baby at this age just breaks my heart. I have watched her grow up and watched her become the most amazing person that she is today and to have this happen to her leaving her so confused and lonely just hurts me. Lucy is a strong girl and she will get through this and we are all going to be right by her side no matter what happens whether it be good or bad. 



I am going to help Lucy with what ever she needs her and I have a bond that no one can take away I have known her since she was about four. I remember how Zayn didn't want me to meet her until he knew that we were going to last a long time. It wasn't until after our 4th month of being together that I met her and she was the best little girl that anyone could have met. Her and I had an instant connection. Lucy has grown up to be  a wonderful girl even if she has gone through some hard times but that doesn't define who she is  it only makes her a better person. \




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