This is my crazy life (SEQUEL TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVE)

My name is Lucy Burnstun and I am 15 years old. My mother Candy is married to my dad Harry styles, yeah I know what you are thinking omg your dad is in one direction. Another note yes one direction is still around just not as popular as when I was little. Well anyway my uncles aka the other members of one direction are my whole life, they are there for me when I am having troubles at school or when I need to just get away from home for a little while. You see I am having a problem now that I can tell anyone not even my uncles thats how bad it is or is it a blessing in disguise? follow me through the journey of my life and the troubles that get in the way.


11. He sure knows how to coc* block


Harry waved me over in his direction. To say the least I was a bit nervous do to the fact that I was with his daughter and well he was the protective dad. 

"So you like my daughter do you now?" I nodded my head and smiled.

"Yes Mr.styles I really like your daughter and I would do anything to protect her and keep her safe" He looked at his hands and then back at me. 

"I see well let me get one thing straight, have you and Lucy been dating behind my back?" 

"No sir I asked her to be my girlfriend yesterday while we were swimming"  I smiled at the thought of Lucy.

"I don't want you to hurt my little girl do you hear me? " i nodded vigorously at the thought of what might happen to me if I were to hurt Lucy in anyway shape or form. 

"I would never do that Harry I really do like Lucy I have liked her a long time" 

"How long is a long time?" He lifted an eyebrow at me. 

"About three years sir" 

"You don't have to call me sir I am Harry and always have been. your all tensed up for nothing" I laughed at his joke. Harry told me that she has been through a lot these couple of days and I explained to him that I was the one there for her the whole time while they were on there trip unable to get home and he liked the fact that I cared a lot for her. just the thought of Lucy makes me get goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach oh I think I maybe found the one, I know I am only 16 there is something about her that I have never felt with any other girl that I have been with, not saying I have been with a lot of girls only about three but still nobody compares to Lucy she is different. She makes me want to be there for her when she is sad and she makes me want to become a better person. She brings out the good in me. 




So my dad is talking to Zac and I have no idea what they could be talking about. Zac has known Harry for three years so they could be talking about anything at this point. I notice that Dad is making Zac laugh so he better not be tell him about all the stupid embarrassing things that I did when I was little. Maria told me that when Zac was about 1 he used to put his diaper on his head and yell I am Captain Pee Pee Potty! I laughed so hard when I heard this, Zac blushed and walked away. Zac told me last night that he would do anything to keep me safe and I felt so safe when he wrapped me in his arms. 

"So I think we should all go on a big trip as one big family." My head shot up when this was said

"Are you being serious mom?" I was way too excited to function.

"Yes sweet pea I am and I want everyone to come, Niall, Jenn, Louis, Ana, Zayn Daniela, Liam, Maria, and Zac" I hugged her so tight she possibly couldn't breath. 

"Thank you mom I am so happy I finally told you how I felt and some of the things that I was worried about" She smiled

"Me too me too it has made me realize that you really do need me and your dad a lot more than we thought you did" Me my mom and Jenn talked a bit more and then Dad and Zac joined us. We all decided that we wanted to go to Paris France. I was really excited because I haven't been there since Dad had a giant show there. We booked the flight and everything. We are leaving in two days so I told everyone that Zac and I are going to walk back to my house and I am going to start packing and then we were going to his house so he could do the same. 


"So are you excited?" i asked Zac while we walked hand in hand to my house.

"I am really excited, before we left Harry told me that while we were there he said we could share a bedroom since he trusted me" I smiled 

"Well he shouldn't" He raised an eyebrow and smiled

"And why would that be hmm?" I laughed and lightly hit his chest

"Because I well you know he just shouldn't" 

"Oh is someone going to be a rebel?" he knew exactly what was going to happen when we were there he was just playing stupid.

"So my dad trusts you huh?" I laughed

"Yeah thats what he said, he also said that he would kill me if something was to happen on that trip to france" 

"What do you mean if anything were to happen?" I knew what he meant but i wanted to see if he would say being the person he is he would be blunt and be like 'you know if we were to band and shit' I laughed at the thought 

"You know if we decided to do..... it" He hesitated I think its because he didn't want me thinking about what happened with chris the other day but i was so over that. 

"Oh I see and well you better be invincible because huny things are definitely going to happen on that trip" He laughed at me.

"Oh are they now?" he asked as we reached my front door.

"Yeah well only if you want to" 

"Oh trust me I want to but i don't want you to do anything you don't want to do thats all" I laughed unlocking the door 

"I have had sex before and trust me i want to" I looked at him as he walked through the door and he smiled. I pushed him against the wall.  

"What the shit is going on" I cut him off with a kiss before he could say anything more. 

"What's going on is I am kissing you and well teasing you at the same time" He pressed his lips against mine and we moved in sync with each other. it like our lips were molded perfectly to fit together. 

"oh thats cold Lucy really cold of you to tease me,maybe I should tease you back" I shook my head as if to say no you can't tease me I an unteasable . but boy was i wrong. He picked my up so that I was forced to wrap my legs around his waist.  I was flipped so that I was against the wall. Zacs hands explored my body until he reached my bum and stayed in that area. He squeezed my ass making me gasp. 

"Forget that maybe I am teasable but I can and will wait" Once again I pressed my lips against his and he carried me to my room and set me on my bed. The kiss got heated and I contemplated on waiting until we got to france but I was forced to wait because I heard the front door open and close.

"Hey Lucy we are home I hope you're packing" It was dad and wow was he good at cock blocking. I pushed Zac off of me and pulled out my suitcase and started packing.

"your dad is really good at cock blocking someone" I laughed 

"yeah he used to do it to Louis all the time when they went on tour" i continued packing and wished dad and mom didn't have to come home so soon. 


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