The life (Ed Sheeran And One Direction)

Scarlet in deeply in love with Harry but has no clue how to tell him. They have been friends for years and she has seen him go through break ups and was the only one who has truly loved him from the start. On the other hand Daphne is Scarlet's bestfriend and also Ed Sheeran's little sister. When Ed unexpectedly brings One Direction to there flat she develops some deep feelings for Liam. When Liam And Daphne start dating how long can she keep it a secret from he older brother Ed? Will Scarlet end up telling Harry or will she just watch him go through another break up? Will Ed find out or will he be mad when he hears the big news that nobody saw coming?
Read to find out!


2. true

 Scarlet's POV:
"Got it" I shouted as I ran to the door. I opened the door to find Louis, Niall and Zayn. I invited them in but I aslo was wondering were Harry and Liam are? I was then pulled into a huge bear hug from Niall. Oh how I missed his hugs.
"Hey girly I missed you"
"Hey Ni I missed you to"
After we all hugged we went to the kitchen to have some pizza. When we walked in I saw Daph looked a bit disappointed  Not just because she didn't get to see Liam aslo because she wanted to see me tell Harry how I felt about him. After we all Laughed, talked and played a few games we decided we should head to bed. Ed said he would say up and wait for Liam and Harry. The boys went to there room and Daphne and I went to our rooms. I fell into a deep sleep. 
I just cant take it anymore all the hate, it's starting to bother me now. Tweet after tweet. Why did I tell Harry how I felt. He just laughed at me. He even tweeted about it. I was scrolling through my twitter when I came upon the most worst comment ever. It was harry saying "Ya that dumb b!tch told me she liked me does she not know I have a girlfriend." The tears were streaming down my face. I was sweating. Panting. I started shaking, right then and there I just broke down. I couldn't take it anymore!


**Hey guys sorry this was a short chapter but a lot more is going to happen and please like favorite and comment :) thanks it would mean the world! Also i removed my other stories because i just couldn't think more but i will keep posting on this please leave feedback to*** Thanks 


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