Save You Part 1

Read And Find Out What Its About


2. The Challenge

Gynnx POV


Truth Or Dare; My Turn; I Chose Dare; Yep


" Ok....I Dare You Toooooo...........Post The Cover Of Wings By Us On Twitter And Challenge 1D to try to do better!!!" My bff Vonnie Said


being the girl in the group that never backs down from a dare i did it! And Just Like that i got tons of new followers! try 10 mil. Just like that! OMG One Of them is Harry Freaking Styles!!!!!!! OMG HARRY EDWARD STYLES FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER!



Omg Harry Messeged me! It Went Like This

-Hey its Harry! Im sure you know who i am

-Yeah Kinda

-Your vid is really cool! I dont think the guys would be Ok with dancing in front of other people.

-I was dared to do that actually! you dont have to!

-No Im Making Them



-Hey Where are you guys right now?


-I Live in Cheshire! I Know you do! I Just Moved here.

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