Save You Part 1

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4. Every Perfect Moment Ends At One Point

-Im Here

-yeah Me 2 - Harry

-oh i see you! i think? its dark. oh i see a phone light

-me 2

- i guess thats me

- me 2


"hey! Sorry I Havnt fully introduced my self, Im Gynnx Carson!"

"Yeah I Know! Thats Your twitter name. well actually its Gynnx Styles! Aww Some1s a fan!"

i blushed a little which made him laugh harder then he already was!

"Lets Play 20 Questions!" - me

"Fifty! i want to know you more then that!"


We Were laughing at eachother for a long time but then............that moment ended! I Got A Call! it was my moms phone so i put it on speaker. "hey ma!"

"Actually im officer Jeffery from the cheshire police department! im afraid we have some bad news"

"WHAT HAPPENED" Harry grabbed my free hand

"Your BAnd And Their families were killed! yours too." I Fell Harry Catching me! I Blacked out and woke up in a hospital bed. Harry was talking to a doctor outside of the room. did i hear that policeman right? Everyone i love was killed! Harry Walked In. He walked over and grabbed my hand! "Your lucky i asked you out! Ya know that?" I rolled my eyes "How So?" "Because you would have been murdered if i didnt" "Thank you??" In a way i was happy my family was dead. they went on vacation without me and made me stay and clean. All for nothing. i just said that all out loud. "Its ok now in a way then." "MY BEST FRIENDS WERE MURDERED!!" "right..."

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