Broken ( sequel to Moments)

Darcy is the daughter of the famous Harry Styles but things are not what they used to be with her dad, he is broken, maybe beyond repair. As she tries desperately to fix her dad before its to late. Secrets are uncovered, pain is too and hearts are broken. Darcy finds love but is her families past just to much for her....?



6. Chapter 6



I get home and open the door. Its silent, to silent. I walk into the kitchen and dump my school bag on a chair. Shit day right? I go to the fridge and open it, looking for some food, I grab an apple the put it in the microwave, i dont like cold apples. While it is warming up I walk into my room and change into some comfy clothes. Then head towards the bathroom. I stop dead, all my breath leaves my lungs and I gasp for air. The corridor spins around me and I stumble into the wall. I cant think, I cant breath because blood is seeping out from under the bathroom door. I slowly stagger towards the door, It swings open.

My dad is lying on flood, drenched in his own fucking blood. A knife next to him. He wears the old tattered jean jacket. He died with a little part of him, Louis. I sob so loud the whole street could hear me. I drop to my knees and shake his body, whimpering. 

"Dad, Dad wake up" 

"Dad you cant leave us"

"Dad they were long gone" 

"Dad you have to let go"


I never knew how bad the pain was. How bad he wanted to be with them. How much he loved them. I feel as though my body is closing in on me, the world is closing in on me. All I can think about is them. One Direction, my dads best friends. I grip his blood covered hand as tight as i can and sob even louder, tear stream from my eyes. Everything was drifting away. Iook around the room and find what I want. A note sits in the bath. I read; 

Dear Girls 

I am sorry and that is all I can say. I am sorry I was not strong enough. Charlie; I am sorry I a shit husband and a shit boyfriend, I am sorry I made so much of you life filled with sadness. Darcy I am sorry I was a shit father. I am so sorry I left you both this way. But I couldn't do it, I can not live without them anymore. 


The paper was soaked with tears. 

I guess he was just too broken. 

and now so am I



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