Broken ( sequel to Moments)

Darcy is the daughter of the famous Harry Styles but things are not what they used to be with her dad, he is broken, maybe beyond repair. As she tries desperately to fix her dad before its to late. Secrets are uncovered, pain is too and hearts are broken. Darcy finds love but is her families past just to much for her....?



5. Chapter 5


His eyes were sea green and so incredibly piercing that I wanted to cry out and smile all at the same time. He stood in the doorway a bucket in one hand and the other by his side, clenched in a tight fist. I looked at him long and hard before realizing that I still had tears streaming down my face. 

"This sucks aye?" he said, his voice catching me by surprise it was so much softer and kinder then what I thought it would be. 

I shake my head quickly and wipe the tears away even quicker with the back of my arm, "no" I tried to say but my voice seemed to tremble  

"Are you crying?" he stutters shyly which surprised me because he seemed so strong and so sure of himself maybe it was the fact that I was crying that intimidated him. 

"Yeah" I say just as my dad had done today in the principals office. That was one thing my parents had alway taught me was to be honest, so I was never anything else but honest. He just kind of stands there and stares at me which pisses me off. 

"Why are you staring?" I spit at him accidentally. Not meaning to be so rude but my heart was aching far to much. 

"Because your.... never mind" He mumbles to no one in in particular.

"I'm sorry, I have just had a really, really bad day" I choke on my own words as he green eyes flash a look of sadness at me. Oh I was good at recognizing looks of sadness, I was probably the best, I could walk down the street and tell who was sad and who wasn't. 

"I am sorry to hear that" He frowns 

"no your not" before I can stop myself I blurt my feelings out "you have know idea what my day was like" 

"I do your Darcy Styles, you got sent home for tagging all over that door" he said lifting his gaze to the smudged words across it. 

"Yeap" I half sighed half shouted, it was a weird noise. I felt so tired but so angry at the same time even though I had no Idea why I was angry. 

"The Harry Styles daughter" he said and I could see the excitement bubble up in his eyes, it thrilled people to know that they were so close to the famous Harry Styles, they had know idea. I just nod because i was to tired to speak about stupid things like my father. But he wanted to, "is it cool?" Now that question made me want to say so many screaming, horrible things about my dad but at the same time I wanted to say how he was the best dad in the world that he made me feel loved everyday and that he got me like no one else but I held my tongue and ended up just saying: 

"its not what you think" 

"He is a cool person" 

I just had to laugh then, "you have no idea" 

Then I just went to scrubbing my stupid door without looking up at the boy again because those green eyes that were far to much like my fathers were getting to me. I liked them, I liked him far to much even though we had just met. So I turn back to the door and start to scrub again, I don't hear the footsteps of the boy moving to get away from me but I hear them move closer and over to the stall next to me , then I hear the sloshing of his bucket and the sound of the sponge on a door. Then the tears start flowing again because I guess crying runs in my blood. hahaha. 

Then through blurred eyes I see another sponge slap down next to mine and I just flipped out inside, I don't know if it was all the adrenaline in my from crying so much or because I was crying at the time but I just snapped. I stood up and knocked the bucket over in the process, spilling water all over the boy I didn't even know his name! for fucks sake! Then I shouted at him, 

"I dont need your help okay!!" Then he got up, I could see it in his eyes, sadness. 

"You know thats your problem Darcy everyone always wants to help you but you never want it!" he shouts back at me, his fists bunched at his sides, "So eventually every in this whole fucking school gave up on helping you Darcy, thats why you are so alone" He said it and I immediately looked away, no longer crying but biting my lip to somehow stop the pain in my heart , it was like I had been shot. I could't breathe and when I looked up again he was gone. 

Was this how dad had felt all that time his heart aches for his friends. I look back at the writing on the door "daddy cries" I no longer felt like trying to scrub it off. 

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