Broken ( sequel to Moments)

Darcy is the daughter of the famous Harry Styles but things are not what they used to be with her dad, he is broken, maybe beyond repair. As she tries desperately to fix her dad before its to late. Secrets are uncovered, pain is too and hearts are broken. Darcy finds love but is her families past just to much for her....?



4. Chapter 4



I plonked the bucket of soapy water on the icky lino floor of the girls bathroom and sat down on the top of the toilet seat. My eyes were still sore, red and puffy from all the crying I had been doing in the past 5 hours. I had cried a lot and I though dad was going to say something but when we got home he just took me in his arms and held me tighter then he ever had before and that did it that brought me over the edge. I then cried hysterically for the next wee while and left dad looking very confused and sad. I know that it hurt him very deeply to see me upset but thats what I was and that was not going to change soon. 

When I had gotten to school that morning I had just been so angry and hurt inside and I could feel another panic attack coming on so I ran to the bathroom and hurled up all my breakfast then I began to cry. I just felt so scared and alone at school all the time, every second I somehow had to be reminded about what my dad had done but I also kinda felt shaken about what he had done to me. I know that he couldn't have helped jumping off that bridge, I know that he couldn't have saved his best friends and I know that it wasn't easy for him to be where he is now. Alive. So i took out a sharpie from my pencil case and started to write. I had know idea what I was doing or how long I was doing it for but by the time Miss Williams found me I was on a heap on the floor, tears rolling down my face and the last of the space on the door have the words "daddy cries" scrawled over them. 

So here I sit all alone in the girls bathroom at the high school i despise so much. My life is not what I hoped it would be at 16. I don't really have any friends. My whole life I have kept myself locked away because I have always felt like I have to many secrets to share . I don't want to have to go through someone being my friend then leaving me because of what my dad did and who he is. So I wear beanies over my long blonde hair and Doc Martians on my feet. Kids at school don't get me, they don't get it that they are hurting me when they bring up the fact that my dad tried to kill himself. I don't care if you bring up the fact that I am weird but the second you mention my father I don't like it one bit. 

I get so angry at dad sometimes. I know that he never meant for what he did to affect me but it does every second of everyday I think about him and what he did. I think about the bad things but I also think about the good things a lot too. One Direction were crazy, how many fans they had, how many albums they sold, just how famous they were. Dad never talks about One Direction and that makes me sad because I wish I could have grown up hearing all these amazing stories about his travels and fun with the band. 

I am not normal and i never will be. With my panic attacks, army boots and stunning blue eyes that look so much like Niall's and as I slowly scrub the permanent marker off the door tears silently stream down my cheeks as I try to keep my emotions at bay but the tears just keep on coming. Then my breath catches in my throat when I see him, the boy with the dark brown hair and bright green eyes watching me from the doorway . 

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