Broken ( sequel to Moments)

Darcy is the daughter of the famous Harry Styles but things are not what they used to be with her dad, he is broken, maybe beyond repair. As she tries desperately to fix her dad before its to late. Secrets are uncovered, pain is too and hearts are broken. Darcy finds love but is her families past just to much for her....?



3. Chapter 3

Harrys POV:

I got all call from the school. Again. I sighed as I put down the home phone and texted my wife, Charlie. 

to Charlie: I am off to the school again xx

The phone buzzed a few seconds later 

from Charlie: what did she do this time xx? 

to Charlie: I dont know, I am leaving now xx 

from Charlie: okay. Love you baby xx 

to Charlie: love you too xx 

I put on a jacket, carful not to touch the jean jacket at the other end of the rack but my fingers are drawn to it. I snap my head away and look at the floor, breathing deeply. My head was a jumble of thoughts all smushed together, it felt as if it was going to blow. I walked quickly into the kitchen and popped a aspirin into my mouth then washed it down with some water. I grabbed my keys and left the house without looking back. 

I hopped in the rage rover and drove to Darcy's school, a place I visited far to often. Darcy would of been expelled far long ago if I wasn't "Harry Styles" but it was still weird for me to think I was a celebrity because to me I was nothing without the boys. The boys , my heart ached so hard every time I thought about them and the tears threatened to spill but I was a grown man who was married with a kid, I had to keep them in. Of course sometimes I couldn't, it probably happened once every two weeks or so. Charlie would always be there though and it helped so much. I had to make sure that Darcy never, ever saw me cry, never ever. I feared though that she has seen me to many times.. 

I walk through the halls of her school, I can feel the white hot stares of all the kids on me, far to obvious whispers erupt from the crowd, 

"Its Harry Styles"

"Thats that weird chic's dad"


"Hes hot"


I hear these every time I come to sort out Darcy but theres two that always shakes me up, 

"Remember how he tried to kill himself" 

"It was because the other members of One Direction died"

Those two always get me. I round the corner and walk into the principles office to find Darcy sitting in a chair, Doc Martians up on her knees, her army jacket pulled right around her, her beanie pulled over her forehead extra low and a look on her face that was not happy. She hears me come in and her bright blue eyes flit up to me, every time I see those eyes makes me the happiest person alive but only for a split second , then it fades back into that numb neutral feeling that flows through me all the time. 

"ahhh Mr Styles, take a seat" The crooked faced principal offers me the same mushy seat I sit in each time. I take it but keep my eyes on Darcy the whole time. I can read her like a book and the look on her face is not her usual look of defiance but just a look of hurt and Immediately feel bad for her.

The principal clears his throat, "Darcy did not go to any of her morning classes today, Miss Williams found her in the bathroom tagging on one of the stall doors" 

I nod and keep my eyes on Darcy, she looked so much like Charlie when she was upset it was astounding. She looks back down at her boots, she was hurt. 

"May I ask what she was writing?" I say and watch as both Darcy and the principal wince. He looks down at the paper on his desk and fiddles with them slightly

he stutters "ahh she had written all over the back of the door; daddy cries" 

Now it was my turn to wince. I hold my head in my hands for a moment and sigh then look back at Darcy "That is true, I do cry" There was nothing to say but the truth. 

"she will be suspended for the rest of the day and will come back at 5:30 tonight to clean up the tagging" 

Darcy nods, I can tell she is on the edge of tears so I grab her and get out of that office. 

The ride home consists of a hysterical Darcy and a extremely confused Me. 

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