Stole my heart

Emily Moore is a quiet, shy, and completely normal 17 year old from Canada. After getting accepted to a summer program at a famous dance school in London, she leaves to live with her aunt for that time being. New home, new friends and new life. Maybe even a new romance?


5. Tour of London

I woke up the next morning at 7 o'clock and took a quick shower. I put my pink boody shorts and a black off the shoulder t-shirt with my black sports bra underneath. I throw my hair into a high ponytail and put my white Lululemon headband on. I looked at the clock. Shoot 7:30!! My class starts at 8. I grab a banana and an apple and put my flip-flops on. I say goodbye to my aunt and drive to school.

I get there 10 minutes before it starts so I eat my banana while stretching. Today I have technique, contemporary, and tap. Dani comes to me and asks, "Do you want to hang out after class maybe go to the movies or go shopping?" "I would love to but Harry is giving me a tour of London," I reply. "Ah," she says raising her eyebrows. "What?" "Do you like Harry," she asks grinning. "Uh...Not?!?" "Because he'll never feel the same way. He should date a beautiful model or something. I'm not even close to being pretty." She gasps, "Don't ever say that. You are gorgeous! And Harry thinks so too, He couldn't keep his eyes off of you last night." "Whatever. Let's get to class," I say walking off.

The classes were so much fun today. Especially tap. It was so hard and fast. I loved it!! It reminded me a lot of my dance school back home. I got back at the house and took a shower because I didn't want to be all gross for Harry. I blow dried my hair and left them naturally straight. I choose a pinkish orange chiffon tank that's tied at the bottom with a knot and high-waist white jean shorts. I put my Vans on just as the doorbell rings.

I opened the door and Harry stood there looking as gorgeous as ever with his jeans and white V-neck t-shirt. Why does he do this to me? "Hi Harry," I said shyly. "Hey love! How are you doing today?" "I'm great!! How are you?" "I'm pretty good, thanks. Are you ready to go?" "Yep," I said popping the "p". We walked down the driveway and he opened the car door for me. I smiled at him, "Thanks". He then jogged to the driver's seat. "So I was thinking we could park the car downtown and then travel around the city in a double-decker," he said. "Yipee!! I've always wanted to drive one!!" He chuckled and said, "Well I guess I made a good choice then". "Euh... Yeah!! What else are we going to do?" "We're going to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and I have a surprise for you," he said smirking. I groaned, "I hate surprises!!" "Well sucks to be you".


We had a great time visiting the city and chatting together. Harry got noticed by some fans and stopped every time to take pictures with them. He is the sweetest!! I can already see the headlines of tomorrow: "Harry Styles dating Mystery Girl" or "Does Harry Styles have a new girlfriend?". Harry and I had pizza for supper and again, he insisted on paying. I didn't feel like arguing so I just went along with it. When we got out of the restaurant, it was starting to get dark. Harry called a taxi and he put a blindfold on my eyes. "Um Harry? What are you doing?" I ask. "Surprise remember?" I sigh, "Fine, but if I run into something and bust my head open, I'm blaming it on you". He chuckled, "Trust me love, I won't let it happen".


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