Stole my heart

Emily Moore is a quiet, shy, and completely normal 17 year old from Canada. After getting accepted to a summer program at a famous dance school in London, she leaves to live with her aunt for that time being. New home, new friends and new life. Maybe even a new romance?


3. First day

I woke up the next morning to my alarm on my clock ringing at 6am. Urgh!! I'm NOT a morning person!! I took a quick shower and put my hair into a slick back bun. I had ballet this morning so I put my pink tights and my black leotard. I grabbed extra dance clothes for later today when we'll have free time. Maybe I can practice my solo for the competition in November. I got a water bottle and borrowed my aunt's car. She wasn't going anywhere today so she let me take it for the day. I got my map out (I'm terrible with technology) and drove for about twenty minutes. I finally arrived to a very elegant building. This is it. I ran to the front desk and signed in. A nice older lady led me to a huge studio where about fifty dancers were waiting for the class to begin. 


The class went pretty well. I think I will be sore tomorrow. And you will never guess who was in my class. Danielle Peazer!! Yes Danielle Peazer, girlfriend of Liam Payne in One Direction!! Ring a bell? She came to me right after the class and said, "Hey, you're Emily right?" "Yep that's me." "I'm Danielle." she said giving me a hug. "Nice to meet you." I said. "Yeah I just wanted to say that I think you are a beautiful dancer." "Oh, thanks!" "I know you don't know anyone here so if you need help with anything please come to me alright love?" "Ok thanks." We talked about pretty much about our whole life story. I asked her about her relationship with Liam and when she answered, she had a little twinkle in her eyes. They are so cute together!! I was so happy I found at least one friend here.

I changed into a lululemon outfit and asked if I could borrow a studio. I put my IPod into the dock station and press play. You're the one that I want (contemporary version), my solo song, came on and I started to do my dance. I haven't rehearsed this in a while. After running through it a couple of times, I started to just practice different jumps and turns. I was so into it that I didn't realize that five very handsome boys were watching me the whole time.

Hope you will keep reading this story!! Love you guys :) <3

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