Stole my heart

Emily Moore is a quiet, shy, and completely normal 17 year old from Canada. After getting accepted to a summer program at a famous dance school in London, she leaves to live with her aunt for that time being. New home, new friends and new life. Maybe even a new romance?


1. Accepted

Yes!! I got accepted!! I threw my acceptance letter in the air and starting jumping around the house. I can't believe I'm going to be attending the summer program at a famous dance school!! Did I mention that it's in England?!? I cannot wait!! I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and it's always been a dream of mine to have a career out of it. This program offers great opportunities. I ran to my bedroom and called my best friend Avery. It rang a couple of times before she answered. "Hello?" she asked. "Did you get in?!?"`I asked. "No" she mumbled. "What? Oh I'm so sorry! I was sure that you did. I don't have to go if you don't want me to." "What? No I'm really happy for you. I want you to go. You'll be great at it." "Thanks buddy!! I'll miss you." "Me too. Well I gotta go. My mom wants me to make supper tonight. Have fun!!" "Ok thanks. Bye!!" "Bye!!" I was a little bummed now that she isn't going. It was supposed to be something that we would be doing together but I guess not anymore. I started packing pretty much my whole closet. Dance clothes, shorts, tanks, jeans, dresses, skirts,... What? I'll be there the whole summer!! When I heard the front door open, I ran downstairs and jumped on my mom. "MOM!! Guess what!!!" I asked. "What darling?" she asked. "I got accepted!!" "Really? I'm so proud of you sweetie!! I'll call your aunt right now and ask if you can stay over for the summer. Your dad already got you a flight for tomorrow morning too just in case you got in." My dad works at the airport so we travel a lot because we can get in a plane for free!! After calling my aunt, my mom and I ate the taco salad that I made this afternoon. It was delicious!! Salad is my favorite food. Well that and ice cream!! I went to bed early that evening. I needed to be well rested for my long flight tomorrow morning. AAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!


Hey guys!! So this is my first movella so please don't hate!! I will try to update at least every two days but I am a competitive dancer so I'm really busy with that and school. It's also dance show season in May so I might not update as much. But I will try my best so please be patient with me ;) Oh and I know this chapter is kinda short but it will get longer later. This is just kinda the intro.

Thanks so much for reading :):):)

XOX :) <3

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