Fell in love with Harry Styles (One Direction Fanafic)

They fell in love. They were the most cutes couple, they love each other alot she met the boys and had a great time, and she met her new best friends Eleanor, Demi, Perri, and Daniela. But then Harry and Amy did love each other more then anything but it got ruined when Harry's ex girlfriend Mia came back and found him. What did harry do
Did Harry break her heart? Does he go with his Ex instead of the one he has been with and he truly loved?


6. They are so nice but weird ?


A/N: Sorry this one is also short ill post more I swear :) 


 There they had there mouths open and Harry just looked at them and you just smiled and you said

Amy:  "Hello guys you okay?!!" They just kept looking

Harry: "guys stay back off my girl" Harry says with a jealous voice. You know he's jealous so you start to talk

Amy: "Harry babe it's your turn to take a shower!!" He graved you and told you

Harry: "hey babe I'm going to take a shower but, don't do anything  to get them on" (xD haha lol that sounds funny) you smile

Amy: "babe I would never do that to you I love you but when you come out I have to go home" he smiles

Harry: "okay then." So you go to the living room and see the guys talking but when you came in they stopped.

Amy: "So you guys want something to drink?" They just nod. You were walking to the kitchen and they were still on the couch

Amy: "come one guys!!" You laughed and they came they were staring at your booty when you were walking. But you noticed and said

Amy: "umm...? Hey guys I don't want to get Harry mad but can you stop looking at my butt!!" They just laughed and they said sorry  when then all the boys said

Louis: "I'm sorry it's causes your so beautiful and I can't Handel it."

Niall: "I want you to be my princess"

Zayn: "I love your hair I wish I could touch it" and

Liam: "your more beautiful then the whole girls in the world!!!" You just had a big smile on your face

Amy: "Stop it guys you making blush!!!" Then you hear Harry coming

Amy: "guys just act normal like nothing happen" he see you you talking to the boys. When you saw him he was only with some boxers you just laughed and Louis said

Louis: "Harry In front of your girl really?!" He laughed and you saw his dimples. He said he'll be right back. So you told the boys

Amy: "thanks guys your amazing" when Louis came up to you and he graved you by the waist and then




A/N: Oh no lol what's going to happen next !!!! Lol😝😝😝


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