Fell in love with Harry Styles (One Direction Fanafic)

They fell in love. They were the most cutes couple, they love each other alot she met the boys and had a great time, and she met her new best friends Eleanor, Demi, Perri, and Daniela. But then Harry and Amy did love each other more then anything but it got ruined when Harry's ex girlfriend Mia came back and found him. What did harry do
Did Harry break her heart? Does he go with his Ex instead of the one he has been with and he truly loved?


5. The next morning !!!

A/N: I'm sorry this is a short chapter but I'll post more after this one I think if I'm not busy I will :) 



    The next morning he woke up and he couldn't stop staring at you  when you woke up you saw his beautiful gleaming green eyes looking at you.


Harry: "So Amy did you have fun last night?!!!" You smiled and said


Amy: "yea :)" he smiles and kisses your lips. You hear a knock on your door so you tell harry you are going to take a quick shower. So you did and Harry went to answer the door. It was Niall


Niall: "hey mate." Niall says


Harry: "Hey what happened?" He said "


Niall: I just came with the boys to celebrate your new girlfriend we barley heard the news though!!!" Then all the boys came in. While Harry was Talking to boys you came out and changed. You were going to talk to Harry to go take a shower now. You go down stares and you just had booty shorts and a tank top. When you were down stares  you go to the leaving room and you say


Amy: "Harry I'm out your tur.....?" Then you stopped by surprise. You see the other lads and they just had there mouths open. 

To be Continued !!! ❤❤😍😍😘😘

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