Fell in love with Harry Styles (One Direction Fanafic)

They fell in love. They were the most cutes couple, they love each other alot she met the boys and had a great time, and she met her new best friends Eleanor, Demi, Perri, and Daniela. But then Harry and Amy did love each other more then anything but it got ruined when Harry's ex girlfriend Mia came back and found him. What did harry do
Did Harry break her heart? Does he go with his Ex instead of the one he has been with and he truly loved?


14. The Ellen show :)

A/N here's another chapter you guys :) 


 Then you saw a table for you and him and there was also roses and candles everywhere. You then felt a tear coming down your face, you were so happy that he saw you and told you

Harry: "Babe I'm so happy that your happy and I love you!!!"  After dinner you guys took a stroll down the the hill as the sunset continued to go down. It was getting late when you and Harry got tired of chasing each other and tickling and all the stuff you did. When he said

Harry: "Amy I hope you had a great time cause I had a lovely day with you." You smiled and said

Amy: "today was the loveliest day of my life and I love you and thanks for everything!!"  

The next day Harry took you to a interview with the lads and they were the Ellen show. When you went to go see the stage there were a lot of girls and people. While Ellen was talking to the boys you were just siting in the chair for the show to start. Then you here a guys say "Okay we are on in 5..4..3..2..1.." Then you here Ellen

Ellen:  "Hello and welcome to Ellen's show"  you give Harry a goodbye kiss and a lucky one. "So on today's show we have a very popular band and there is 4 British boys and 1 Irish. Can we hear it up for  ONE DIRECTION!!" You here lots of girls screaming and people taking pictures. "So you guys how you doing?" They all smiled and said great. Then you feel someone touch your shoulder.

Daniela: "Is this Amy, Harry's girlfriend!?" You smiled and said yes. "I'm Daniela, this is Eleanor, Perrier, and Demi." You had a huge smile because you loved them so much." Why don't we go to Starbucks tomorrow." You smiled and said

Amy: "that will be great!!" So they all agreed. Minutes passed and you heard that the show was over 

Ellen: "Thanks  for coming guys, were so happy for you guys to come." When the show ended you gived Harry a hug and when you said

"Good job babe you did great." He smiled and kissed your noes.


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