Fell in love with Harry Styles (One Direction Fanafic)

They fell in love. They were the most cutes couple, they love each other alot she met the boys and had a great time, and she met her new best friends Eleanor, Demi, Perri, and Daniela. But then Harry and Amy did love each other more then anything but it got ruined when Harry's ex girlfriend Mia came back and found him. What did harry do
Did Harry break her heart? Does he go with his Ex instead of the one he has been with and he truly loved?


23. Sleep over with the girls !!! :D

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When you got to Demi's house they were all jumping like if they were so happy.

Amy: "What's happening?" They all looked at you,

Demi: "Amy your here!!! Okay we'll we got to tell you something." Demi said with a big smile and you had a face like please continue.

Eleanor: "Okay well Eleanor likes Louis and Demi likes Niall and well I like Liam he's so cute and romantic."

You were happy about Eleanor liking Louis but you never thought that Demi and Daniel would like the boys.

Amy: "Really?!?!?" They all looked at you and nodded

Eleanor: "Yes and Louis asked for my phone number and told me if I would like to go out with him!!!" Eleanor was like super happy about all of this. You were also so happy for her, then that's when Demi and Daniel also looked surprised

Daniella: "Elea how come you didn't tell us that I'm so happy for you!!!" Daniel said with a huge smile. We all hugged each other with happiness !!! 

We decided to have a sleepover at Demi's house, she let us barrow some pj's we were watching movies, telling secrets, saying scary stories, and having a great time together.



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