Fell in love with Harry Styles (One Direction Fanafic)

They fell in love. They were the most cutes couple, they love each other alot she met the boys and had a great time, and she met her new best friends Eleanor, Demi, Perri, and Daniela. But then Harry and Amy did love each other more then anything but it got ruined when Harry's ex girlfriend Mia came back and found him. What did harry do
Did Harry break her heart? Does he go with his Ex instead of the one he has been with and he truly loved?


11. Fan Attack !!! (I'm back you guys)

A/N: Im back you guys !!!! Thanks to the people that liked this book and read it or favorited it and well let's get back to reading my right heheh love you guys !!!


Then the fans came up to you and they start to tell you

Fan: "omg where's Harry your his girl were is he!!!!!" They were just screaming and stuff. Then Harry thought you needed company. So he came out and the girls screamed louder. He took pics and talked for a while but more and more fans came. You decided to call the lads to help Harry out.

Amy: "Hi" you said "oh hi Amy" you heard Niall's voice.

 Amy "Oh um..? Niall can you tell the lads if they come and help Harry out."

Niall: "Yea what's the problem" he said

Amy: "Fans are everywhere and I'm with Harry and they won't leave us alone please come here" he starts to laugh. 

Niall: "We'll be there."  

Amy: "Thanks Niall"  then you told Harry that the lads are coming. Harry told all the fans that he has to go. When they came lots of fans wanted to get pictures. You were worried about Harry cause you thought a fan was going to do something to him. Then the other lads were busy Louis sneaked out. 

Louis: "Hey Amy and hugs you and then you feel his hand touching your back like he wanted you right now. 

Amy: "Louis if you keep doing this to me I don't think we could be friends?" Louis had a frown on his face, you know he'd wanted you and Louis is making you fall for him. You decide to stay at the car until the polices came and told the fans to leave. Then Harry got in the car and we drove off to his house. When we got there he was telling me that a girl told him if he could kiss her and he said yea but on the cheek then she stated to freak out. You just laughed, you paused when Harry was just looking at your beautiful smile.

Amy: "What Harry?" He smiled and said

Harry: "nothing it's just that your beautiful and I love you!!!" He got closer until he closed the gap between the two of you. When he was close to you he was just staring at you and you were staring at his beautiful green eyes.


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