Babys & Bottles

Austin and Ally have a month old baby girl named Abby but being parents isn't as easy as they thought even with their new babysitters Adam, Dez, and Trish


3. Kissing & Karate

*goes to Abby's room* 

Kira: I want to have a baby some day 

Adam: you will

Kira: I just hope I have a guy as great as you 

Adam: I hope I have a girl as great as you 

*they kiss* 

*goes to Austin & Ally's living room*

Trish: no Dez I do not want to see your karate skills 

Dez: but there awesome 

Trish: okay fine 

*Dez kicks a picture* 

Trish: you doof that's Ally's favorite picture of all of us 

*Dez picks it up* 

Dez: well the picture is fine put the frame is broken 

Trish: then we'll go get a new one

let me tell Adam and Kira 

*goes to Abby's room* 

*Adam and Kira still kissing* 

*Trish opens the door* 

Trish: hey.., why are you kissing!

Adam & Kira: we're dating

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