Babys & Bottles

Austin and Ally have a month old baby girl named Abby but being parents isn't as easy as they thought even with their new babysitters Adam, Dez, and Trish


2. Babysitters & Big Dinners

*goes to Austin and Ally's living room*

*Dez, Trish, Adam, and Kira walk in*

Ally: hey guys! Austin is getting ready and Abby is asleep 

*Austin walks in*

Austin: ready Ally 

Ally: yes a may I ask why this is such a big dinner 

Austin: you'll see 

*they leave* 

Adam: so me and Kira will take care of the baby while you two argue 

Trish: sounds good to me

*goes to Illusions magic cafe*

Ally: Austin this is where you took me on our first date 

Austin: yeah that was an awkward date 

Ally: super awkward 

Austin; so Ally 

Ally: yes Austin 

Austin: so we live together now and sleep in the same bed and have a baby 

Ally: yeah 

*Austin gets down on one knee* 

Austin: Ally Dawson will you marry me

Ally: yes! 

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