Babys & Bottles

Austin and Ally have a month old baby girl named Abby but being parents isn't as easy as they thought even with their new babysitters Adam, Dez, and Trish


1. Arguments & A Students

*goes to Austin and Allys living room* 

*Ally walks in* 

Ally: guess who's and A student!

Austin: that's awesome Ally I'm so proud of you!

Ally: Thank you oh we need some babysitters for tonight 

Austin & Ally: (Au) Dez and Trish (Al) Adam and Kira

Ally: Dez and Trish can't handle a baby they'd just argue the whole time 

Austin: look I don't mind Adam watching her but Kira she might kill her 

Ally: Austin she wouldn't kill her Kira even wanted me and you together 

Austin: I know I know 

Ally: lets try and compromise 

Austin: okay maybe Dez and Trish can babysit and Adam and Kira can supervise 

Ally: okay but nothing better happen to my baby 

Austin: Relax Ally they would never hurt her they love her too much 

Ally: your right 

*baby starts crying* 

Ally: will you go get her 

Austin: of course 

*goes to the baby's room*

*Austin picks her up* 

Austin: shh princess daddy is here



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