Unlikely Match

Being the new kid in school is never easy but what happens when you start falling for the school Bad Boy

*Jason McCann story*


1. Waking Up In A New City



The first day at a new school is never easy especially when you arrive in the middle of the school year.  I pushed open the main doors of the school and started to walk inside, trying to ignore the glares from some girls and the obnoxious cat calls from the guys.  I looked down at my outfit which hugged my body perfectly without making me seem like a slut http://www.polyvore.com/vee_first_day_school/set?id=42076791 and took a deep breath before continuing down the hallway.  I kept my head down trying to ignore everyone while looking for the main office when I ran into someone and started falling backwards.  Right before I hit the ground a strong arm caught me.


“Whoa I got you.”  The mystery guy said.  I looked up and saw the hottest guy I have ever seen.  He had light brown hair that fell perfectly when he flicked it out of his eyes.  His eyes were mesmerizing and his lips were perfect.  If it weren’t for the fact that we were in school I would have jumped him right then and there.


“Thanks.”  I coughed awkwardly when I realized we were staring at each other.  As he helped me stand up I realized that everyone in the hallway was quiet and staring at us.  I looked at the boy one more time before continuing down the hallway trying to avoid all of the eyes that seemed to be following me.  I finally made it to the office and collected my schedule and locker information.  After a short walk I arrived at my locker and started gathering my books for my first class when a girl popped up next to me.


“Hey I’m Blair, your new right?”  She was really pretty; probably about 5’4” with gorgeous blue eyes and dirty blond hair.


“Uhm, yeah I’m Vanessa.”  I said as she pulled me into a hug.


“Can I see your schedule?”  She asked pointing to the paper in my hand.  I nodded my head and handed it to her.


“Awesome we have all the same classes except last period you have free period and I have gym.”  She explained.  At least I have someone I know in my class.


“Great.”  I said as we walked into our first class which was a free period.  I handed my slip to the teacher and sat down next to Blair.


“So where are you from?” She asked turning towards me,


“Uhm I’m originally from California.  We moved out here when my dad found out my brother might be living here.”  I explained playing with a loose string on my shirt.


“If you don’t mind me asking what happened to your brother?”


“He and my dad got in an argument when we were 14 and he took off, I haven’t seen him since.”


“Oh I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have brought it up.”  She said looking guilty.


“No it’s fine really.   Blair why was everyone staring at me this morning?”  I asked trying to change the subject off my brother.


“Besides the fact that you look smokin’ hot?”  She asked laughing.  I giggled before nodding my head.  “Well you had a run in with Mr. Bad Boy himself and you didn’t get yelled at.”




“Jason, Jason McCann.  All the girls throw themselves at him and the guy stay clear of him and his friends.”  She explained.


“Who are his friends?”  I asked


“In school his main friends are Dylan and Tyler but around town he hangs out with a bunch of scary looking guys.”  She said as the bell rang and we started walking to English our next class.


“Well why is everyone afraid of him he seemed nice to me?”  I asked as we sat down.


“You’re the only person he has ever been remotely nice too.  He got back from juvy in the beginning of the school year.”  She said.


“Why did he go to juvy?”  I asked ignoring the teacher who was talking about Romeo & Juliet.


“Rumors are he blew a building or something with his brother Alex.”  She explained.  About 20 minutes into the lesson the door flew open revealing Jason.  I heard the teacher sigh before talking.


“Where have you been Mr. McCann?”  The teacher asked as Jason rolled his eyes before continuing to his desk which happened to be right beside mine.


“I had things to do.”  He replied shooting me a wink.  I rolled my eyes and looked back towards Blair.

“Should I even bother giving you a detention?”  She asked glaring at him.


“Nah I won’t show up anyways.”  He smirked pulling out his IPhone to text someone.


It was only lunch and it felt like I had been in school for hours.  Blair was going on and on about how hot Jason’s friend Dylan was as we sat down at a table.  My eyes scanned the lunch room when everything seemed to freeze as my eyes locked on a figure in the corner of the room.


“Blair who’s that?” I asked discreetly pointing to the mysterious guy.


“Oh that’s Dylan.  Isn’t he hot?  But I call dibs!”  She said quickly.


“What’s his last name?” I asked still laughing at her previous comment.


“Good. Why?”  She questioned.


“Dumb Fuck.”  I laughed starting to get up.


“Where are you going?”  She asked confused.


“Don’t worry I’ll be right back.”  I whispered to her after I noticed everyone at our table was listening to our conversation.


“V you can’t go over there!” She discreetly yelled as I walked towards the table everyone seemed to avoid.

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