Unlikely Match

Being the new kid in school is never easy but what happens when you start falling for the school Bad Boy

*Jason McCann story*


2. Reunion

*Vanessa POV*


I took a deep breath before continuing over to the table, trying to figure out if this was a good idea or not. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I approached the front of the table.  I could hear them talking about some girl one of them screwed when I cleared my throat.  All three of their heads snapped up, two of the boys looked me up and down while the third stared at me in shock.

“Can I help you?” Jason snapped after he got done checking me out.

“No you can’t but Dylan can.” I said smirking at Dylan who looked like he was about to pass out.

“Is she one of the sluts you fucked?” Jason asked him

“Not exactly.” That was the first time in years I have heard his voice or even seen him at all and all I wanted to do was jump in his arms and cry.

“What are you doing here V?” I winced as Dylan spat the words at me.

“We moved.” I said trying not to show any of the emotion I was feeling.

“Why” he asked trying to ignore the confusing looks Jason and the other guy were shooting at him.

“Why the hell do you think?” I snapped causing some people to gasp. He stood up so we were face to face (well face to shoulder because he was so much taller than me) and said, “We’re done here” and walked away.  It took every fiber of my being not to scream after him calling him every swear word in the book but I couldn’t because even after all the shit he put me through he’s still my brother.


It took me a few minutes to regroup myself before I walked the opposite way out of the cafeteria.  I walked to my locker and started grabbing my stuff out of it.  I know what your thinking its my first day at this school and I’m already ditching but there is no way I’m going to sit through the rest of the day and have people come up to me every 5 minutes asking what that was about.  I was so deep in thought that I didn’t hear someone walk up behind me until I was pushed up against the locker next to mine.

“Damn baby you look so sexy.” I look up to see a fairly cute guy.

“If you think your going to get in my pants with that line you’re a lot dumber than you look.” I smiled innocently.

“You should shut your mouth before someone shuts it for you.” He said through clenched teeth.

“And you should really get your hands off of her.” I heard someone yell from down the hall.  There was a rush of loud noise, which I presume was everyone leaving the cafeteria.  Suddenly the guy was push off of me and every one was quiet.

“Didn’t I tell you to get your hands off of her?” I heard Dylan growl

“Why the fuck do you care Dylan or is she one of the girls your sleeping with.” He said while smirking.  This kid is asking to get his ass kicked.  Dylan slammed him into the locker again.

“Don’t talk about her like that.” Dylan yelled.

“Damn she must be good in bed if you’re defending her. Mind if I take her for a spin?” Brandon asked while checking me out. *I gave the kid a name* I noticed Blair walked up next to me.  I turned back just in time to see Dylan punch him in the face and hard.

“You talk about my fucking sister like that or try to touch her again and your dead. Got it?” Dylan growled at him. When he didn’t receive an answer he kicked him in the ribs “I said do you get it?”

“Yeah” Brandon stuttered


I looked at Dylan in shock I knew he changed but I couldn’t believe what he just did.  I could hear everyone whispering about how I was his sister. I then notice Jason and Tyler right behind Dylan making sure he didn’t hit Brandon again.  Dylan turned and started walking towards me while Jason yelled something about the show being over and the crowd dispersed. I didn’t realize I was backing up with every step he took towards me until I slammed into a locker.  I have never been afraid of my brother until now I’ve seen him mad before but he looked like a different person when punching Brandon and it terrified me.  He realized I was scared and stopped walking towards me and ran his fingers through his hair looking back towards Jason for what looked like help.

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