My weird dreams

My dreams...


2. Dream2

My dad was taking me to a club but when I got there he wanted me to wrestle 3dinosars. I conquered the first one by drowning it in a lake. The second one by....erm, I can't remember and the third by running into a school and climbing on the massive adventure play area thingy... It had metal boxes at the bottom with bars on the front so you couldn't get out. Then an old lady walked out from nowhere and I think she was blind, coz she crept hitting the dinosaur and telling it to go to class!!!the dinosaur ran away.i got locked in a metal box. Then I woke up...this dream keeps happening and it's funny coz now I know what's gonna happen, it's not scary-it's always exactly the same... But I can control what I do in my dreams, is that weird???


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