lost (liam payne fanfic)

Me, and my BFFs heather and Alyssa were exited for getting the 1D concert tickets. But Heather's idea didn't go great. It was to sneak in to the back of 1D's van. but it didn't go as they expected. Everything went wrong. Falling in love for the band members. And getting Lost with one direction.


4. what have i done!

 there was nobody in the car and paul left it open i can see the inside of the van a little bit.

" r u thinking what i'm thinking?" heather said we all cracked up.

" ugh im freezing" alyssa said rubbing her arms on both sides. 

" we can get into the van" heather said

" are you kidding me?!" me and alyssa screamed. 

" i mean if we see them coming we will run of the van" heather said. " trust me it will work" she said looking at us

" okay.. " alyssa said. the weirdest thing is that there was nobody around even their bodyguards it was only 3 of us.

i agreed and we walked slowly and into the van we sat on the last sit it was dark and u cant see whats inside.

oh my gosh i cant believe im one directions van!!! ahhhhhh!!!! we were chatting until

suddenly, the band and Paul came. we all stayed quiet we couldn't get out because they didn't come the other side as we expected. 

" what are we gonna do now?!" i whispered to alyssa and heather.

" i don't know!!" alyssa whispered back really scared. i was scared too if they saw us we might get arrested! i dont think they'll see us now cause its really dark in here i cant even see heather. 

" im so sorry guys but we will find a way to get out of here." heather said calming us down.

unfortunetly the boys got in, paul sat on the driver sit and beside him was cupcake ( harry). Louis and niall sat together in front. at the back were.... omg perrie is here? she was sitting with zayn im so happy i saw her! 

and then liam sat on the sit that was in front of me!!! omg i cant believe this!! we all remained quiet the boys were chatting wow louis was so loud. 

niall farted they all laughed and i cracked up. oh geez. liam turned around........ but the other boys were still chatting, he gasped.

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