lost (liam payne fanfic)

Me, and my BFFs heather and Alyssa were exited for getting the 1D concert tickets. But Heather's idea didn't go great. It was to sneak in to the back of 1D's van. but it didn't go as they expected. Everything went wrong. Falling in love for the band members. And getting Lost with one direction.


5. heather!

liam gasped. i put my  finger on my lip to shush him. i was scared. he slowly nodded and turned around. wait was he blushing? never gonna happen after a moment he gave us his phone. what are we suppose to do with the phone. omg im touching his phone!!!! i saw some sentences typed on his phone, i think im supposed to read it. it says....

" hey, wat r u girls doin here? i dont want u to get in trouble 

  that's why i didnt tell the others.... " 

that was briliam! omg he's sooo cute. wat should i reply? i turned around to alyssa and heather. they told me to reply myself cause they knew i'm in love with liam.

" we r so sorry to do this we were just being silly and

we didn't expect this to happen and thanks for not  getting us in trouble

we're not here to stalk u. don't worry we wont fan-girl or anything :)"  

i handed the phone back to him i accidently touched his biceps. well not accidently..... oh gosh i shouldn't put that stupid smiley face there. and of course i'm fan-girling right now.

heather and alyssa smiled at me. i blushed. the other boys were still chatting.

" hey why are you quiet tonight liam?" niall said. 

" i... i was just kind of tired' liam said faking it, and rubbing his neck.

" just get over it, i mean about Danielle." louis said. 

what? wait liam and Danielle broke up? noooo! i used to ship payzer so much. no that not happening! i turned around to my bffs their face was blank. they both stare at me. but heather had this evil grin on her face. i know what she meant, she thought that i will get the chance to date liam. ha never gonna happen. 


oh God, Louis shouldn't have said this. now the girls at the back heard and everyone is gonna know i broke up with Danielle  *sign* what are the girls doing here anyway, that girl is kinda cute the one with glasses her eyebrows were long and think her eyes are brown and her hair was dark brown. but i don't know what im gonna do if paul saw them. the only way is to take them to our hotel...... 

and there we are.


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