lost (liam payne fanfic)

Me, and my BFFs heather and Alyssa were exited for getting the 1D concert tickets. But Heather's idea didn't go great. It was to sneak in to the back of 1D's van. but it didn't go as they expected. Everything went wrong. Falling in love for the band members. And getting Lost with one direction.


2. going to the concert

*getting ready for the concert*

"omg! im like so nervous!" heather said looking at her reflection in the mirror. she was wearing ripped jeans and a smily face top, which looked great on her. she let her pink and blue dyed hair down.

"u think ur the only one huh?" i said combing my hair and doing my makeup. i wore shorts and a top that showed my belly a little bit. the top had a mu-stash sign on it. i dont know if i looked good but my best friends were saying i looked so fly. 

" why don't u wear ur hipster glasses?" alyssa asked putting on her flats. she wore a white skirt with tank top and a jean jacket on it. she put her hair up in a bun. she looked perfect. 

" i know! that would look great. i swear u should wear it!" heather said exited and putting in on me. she looked down at her golden  watch " oh my god u guys! we dont have time we are gonna be late!" she said even though we have like an hour. 

" im ready!" alyssa said putting her lipgloss on and calling eric. 

i was standing looking myself in the mirror. " u guys? should i change my shorts coz they are like so short. " i said.

" tati!" heather said. " u. look. amazayn." she said. now she was getting angry.

"okay okay..... i just thought...... i dunno" i said looking at the ground.

" ur insecure dont know what for..... " they started singing realy loud. I stopped them then.  

*in the car* 

alyssa's hand was trembling and shaking." i cant beleve it!" she said

"this is like the best day of my life!" i said super excited.

" why r u guys so excited they are just a boyband, they cant even-"

" SHUT UP IAN!!!" we all said together. heather always get annoyed by my little bro. i dont know what she would do if she would actually  live with him. 

i turned arround and goshed i couldnt believe what i saw.....


how was it?

please comment below if it was good or not 

tell me what i should improve 


love ya directioners :D

I WILL BE BACK!! ( terminator voice) lol 

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