lost (liam payne fanfic)

Me, and my BFFs heather and Alyssa were exited for getting the 1D concert tickets. But Heather's idea didn't go great. It was to sneak in to the back of 1D's van. but it didn't go as they expected. Everything went wrong. Falling in love for the band members. And getting Lost with one direction.


6. at ONE DIRECTION'S hotel room!!!


ohhh geez what are we gonna do now? the boys jumped out of the van. 3 of us stayed there silent. 

" aren't you coming liam?" perrie asked confused. paul shut the van door and waited there for liam to come out.

"um..... i need to call someone." liam said. damn this guy is smart.

" well you can do that there right?" paul asked. 

" well... its kind of personal.. ha ha" liam said and let out a fake laugh.

" o-kay" paul said confused. and gave the car key to liam. 

after they all went. liam turned around and stared at us. 

" how did you girls get here?" he said. 

" look, we were waiting for someone to come and pick us up, and we were cold so it was my idea to stay in your van and get out when you come, but unfortunetly it didn't work, and we're so sorry." alyssa said. 

" no it was actually my idea to get in the van" heather said looking down

"it was all our fault, sorry we didn't mean to disappoint you" i said looking into his eyes he looked at me back for a moment and looked around. i was blushing. wait is he blushing too? never gonna happen

" okay so whats your plan? are you going back to your house? or.." he said trying to not look at me. why?? great now he already hated me! 

" i don't know" alyssa said looking at us. 

" so you guys can stay at the hotel i'll explain it to the boys, there is 1 extra bed..... i guess" liam said.

tatiana do not fan-girl in front of you crush repeat do not fan-girl 

" oh my god! thank you so much! your the best!" we all cheered, liam smiled. omg he is so sweet. 

*at the hotel room* 


i just broke up with Danielle and now i'm falling for another girl? okay this girl is hot and i'm in love with her eyes i don't even know her and that doesn't mean im in love with her only with her eyes. 

i told the boys they were shocked at first and couldn't believe it. but they agree after that to let the girls stay with us for a day. i don't know how to tell paul but i'm sure he'll be okay with it. 


the girls came inside the hotel room, i don't know it was just so weird like how they snicked up in to the van. i was hungry so i took some snacks. we all started to watch movie. we asked the girls their name and other stuff. they were nice and great. specially the red hair, oh yeah alyssa.she ate snacks with me and she was funny. i went to sleep zayn, perrie, and harry did the same thing. louis came after.


omg! i'm like sitting there chatting with 1D biggest boy band! ahhhhhh!! now it was only me, alyssa, tatiana and liam. cant believe this is really happening. i looked at alyssa so we can leave 2 of them alone and have their time. she got what i meant and we went to sleep. 

"i'm really tired i think i should sleep now," i said.

" yeah.. me too." alyssa said after me.


me and liam in one room left ALONE!!! 


hey how are you liking my story. tell me if i need to improve some stuff. 

comment and like :) 

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