Be with you (Louis)

Bella is in love with a boy she will never meet from 1D intill one day she travels to meet her favorite band one direction
~please read~


1. Meeting louis

Bella's POV

 I fell onto my bed  after a long school day school is just filled with hater calling me stupid fat ugly. Just because i like one direction whats wrong with being in love with a person that will never even see you you know you gotta have faith and thats all me and my best friend have FAITH And lots of it. We are going to a concert this year in like a week or so. ~a week later~ JASMINE HURRY UP WE GOTTA GO SHOPPING WE ARE GOING TO MEET OUR HUBBY'S  TODAY i screamed she ran towards the door and got in our big red ugly van We get to the store i see a beautiful superman dress im going to get it  it  On the other side i see jasmine getting batman. She said we gotta be noticeable. So we get back to the cluncker car of mine and on the way to the concert i hear a tap at my window jasmine screams "WE ARE GONNA GET RAPED!!!!!"  I roll down my window and see louis standing their staring. At my dress which is superman  so he gets the courage to yell "SUPERMAN" then he comes to the car and say our big red bus broke down can you give us a ride.   We are going there anyways  i giggled. LOUIS'S POV   Shit I exclaimed  our bus is broken down and now im riding with two beautiful girls and well im kinda turned on by  the way she giggled and wears superman but on the other side of her is a more of a Liam girl which is weird   But my expression when I saw her was  wow. Their both  Beautiful.  Give them your number  i reach over  supergirl and say can i borrow a pen she says yes.  And  I get kinda happy she giggles as i take her hand  and start writing call me 477234890-00  When we get to the concert. I hear niall go ver here wooo hoooo  i hand the babes back stage passes and well get super excited to see them agian
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