A woman finds herself in a dark room, and begins to uncover deeply buried memories.

Short story. Based on the poem 'confession' by janice windle. I orginally wrote this for an english essay.


9. The stranger

She looked up from her stomach and across the room. A tall woman in dark clothes, walked over to her with a fake smile across her face.


“It’s time to go now,” the tall woman called, offering a hand.


She took her hand and pulled her limp body from the floor. She stumbled out of the room, following the confident sound of the tall woman’s high-heeled shoes echoing down a long corridor. It was empty, but identical doors lined the walls.


 The tall woman spoke with purpose although the words sounded peculiar. The clattering of metal sounded in the distance, like a vault was being opened. She walked towards the sound and entered another corridor. This one had less doors, was wider, brighter, and boards and signs covered the cream walls.


They had stopped and were confronted by a pair of a grand wooden doors and the woman was staring expectantly. An instinct told her to nod in reply. It seemed to be an appropriate reply because the tall woman smiled weakly and lead her through the doors.

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