A woman finds herself in a dark room, and begins to uncover deeply buried memories.

Short story. Based on the poem 'confession' by janice windle. I orginally wrote this for an english essay.


2. Smelling coffee

The first image that came into her head was that of man.


He was gorgeous, seemingly kind. But she couldn’t quite place a name. Her sleep deprived mind began picking up memories that had been deeply buried.


A warm café. Black coffee flooding in through her nostrils, and chatter in her ears. She looked around and the man’s face was smiling at her again.


He handed her a cup, steam seeping through the top, numbers and letters were scribbled artistically on the side. As he walked away, the memory ended.


She craved more, hoping she could find out more about the strange man. What was on the coffee cup?

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