"...them?Who are they?" She asked innoncently. The girl gave her a sympathetic look. "Your worst nightmare."


4. Victim.

Kate's Pov.

I woke up. I felt strong arms around me and then I remembered about yesterday. I turned to see Niall sleeping next to me.

He was adorable. I looked over the watch. It was 6:30 am. Shit we have to get ready for school.

I rubbed Niall's back, shaking him a bit."Niall, it's time for school!" I said softly. "Just let me sleep today!"He answered in his sexy sleepy voice.

"Noo! Wake up!" I said and shook him more 'till I felt his arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I pushed him away. "Come on, we have to get up." I said and rushed to the kitchen. By the way, where are his parents?

"Niaaaaall! Breakfast is readyy!" I yelled and he walked in the kitchen. He was in his boxers and had messy hair."Don't yell!" He said yawning. I giggled and we sat and ate our breakfast. "Niall I'll go home and get dressed. See ya!" I said as I finished eating my breakfast and ran home.

When I arrived at the doorstep, I realised that there was something weird. I took a closer look and saw that the door of the house was open. Maybe I had forgotten to lock or something. I slowly walked in the house.

Everything was messed up. Broken furniture, ripped curtains..What had happened?

I stood still, looking at the mess. Someone had barged in the house last night while I was at the party. I wanted to step in the house, but decided to ran to Niall.

In a minute I was at his doorstep, knocking nervously the door. He opened immediately.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked confused.

"S-someone barged in the house." I trailed off. His face frowned.

"What? Last night?" He asked in his now deep and harsh voice.

"Yeah I guess..." I answered him. "You said that you're home alone, right?" He asked with that serious tone in his voice.


"Then come stay with me 'till your mother returns." He said, putting on his black jacket.


"No buts! They barged in your house and hopefully you weren't there. What would you do if you were there last night?" He asked. He sounded like he was getting angry.

"You're right." I said softly. " I'm gonna call the police."I said as I watched his eyes widening.

"NO!" He almost yelled. "What? Why?" I asked confused. He was acting weird all of the sudden.

"Because police will only make the things worse. Trust me. "We exited the house. "Let's go to your house and check it out together."

We went to my place and I put on my black jeans and one of his t-shirts, since mine were on the floor and I had no intention of wearing one of them.

After that, we finally arrived at school, obviously late.

"Niall, Kate detention."

"Oh great."


We stayed at school for detention. You did it again, Kate! Niall was sitting next to me, playing with his phone and Mr. Sean, our biology teacher was "watching over'' us. The door opened and two boys walked in. They looked familliar. It was Harry? and Zayn?

"Hey!" Harry said and sat next to Niall. Zayn followed. Niall just nodded and we all stayed silent. Harry decided to broke the silence again. "How are you Kate?" He smiled at me. I blushed. He was gorgeous.

I saw Niall giving me a small glare, but I just ignored him. "Fine, thanks." I said and smiled at Harry who had still that cute grin on his face. "What did you do again Niall?" He joked, but Niall kept his serious face on. "Just late." He said and continued looking at the screen of his phone. He didn't seem so fond of them, or maybe there was something else bothering him.

"Hey Nialler.." I said quietly. He turned his face to me. "What?" He asked with a frowned face. "Wanna go out tonight?" I asked with an as cute as I could tone of voice. His face finally relaxed a bit as a small smirk appeared on his face. Finally!

"Yeah, where?" He whispered. "I don't know, maybe at Nando's?" I said and he giggled. "What? I don't know what kind of restaurants you fancy." I said half-laughing. He smiled. "No, I love Nando's!" I nodded. He started at me. I looked away, but he continued staring at me. I was now red like a tomatoe. He started laughing again. Niall, staph.

"By the way, what happened to your house Kate?" Zayn asked innoncently.

Niall's dull mood return. He glared at Zayn who was looking at him confused. "And how do you know that?" He hissed. "Well..I heard something about it while I was coming here..and I thought that maybe she is a victim of the "five"." He said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. That myth with the "five" is terribly ridiculous.

Niall didn't say a thing. He just glared at Zayn and continued playing with his phone.

"Okay, you can go home now." Mr. Sean said and we exited the class. I waved at Harry who smiled and followed Niall.

It was starting to get dark. It was 7:00 pm. "Shall we go?" Niall said, faking a smile. I don't get it. Why was he upset? I mean don't tell me he believes those stupid rumors about those "five".

We were finally standing in front of Nando's. I was starving. We walked in, sat down and order our food.

"Hey Nialler, cheer up! You're moody today!" I looked at him innoncently.

"Yeah.. the incident with your house.." He muttered under his breath.

"Come on, it's just a coincidence!" I said cheerfully.

"Just don't go near Harry and Zayn..I don't like them." Why does he tend to be so overprotecting? I mean I love that, but come on he was exaggerating. And how can he suspect them for something like that?

I just nodded. I didn't really want to start arguing with him.

We talked about random things and ate.

"I'm exhausted. Gonna sleep." Niall moaned as we entered his house. "I'm gonna watch some tv." I said as I threw my jacket on the couch. "Okay." He kissed my forehead and went to his room.

My phone vibrated and I checked it. I had a message from an unknown number.

Message: Don't go too rough with Niall tonight.;) xx -Harry

Harry? Styles? How did he get my phone?I bit my lip. Niall told me to avoid them, but come on, he's not my father.

To Styles: Don't worry, we will go easy.

I smirked. My phone vibrated again.

From Styles: Jealous... So, do you like our school?

We continued texting to each other 'till early in the morning. Harry was amazing, we talked about every random thing I could ever imagine. He was funny and all. No wonder why he's one of the most famous guys in the school.I just can't understand why Niall does't like him. At last, I fell asleep on the couch.

It was finally morning. I felt someone shaking me.

"Kate wake up!" He said softly. I ignored him. "You are gonna be late at school again love." He said again. I moaned pushing him away. He stopped. Where did he go? I was too sleepy to open my eyes though.

No he was still here. He lied next to me and put his hands on my waist. He slowly started leaving hot wet kisses on my neck. That was nice. I pretended I was sleeping so he wouldn't stop. Then, his hand slipped into my pajama pants. "If you don't wake up, I'm gonna do dirty things to you again." He whispered. His hot breath tickling my neck. I tried to hold a smirk but failed. "Haa I saw you! Now get up!" He kissed me and got up.


I got up and rushed to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and cleaned my face. Then, I headed to Niall's room to get changed, since my clothes were there.

I fumbled a bit his closet and grabbed my blue jeans and a white shirt. While I was searching for a bra, my hand grabbed a paper. I dragged it out and curious as I was, I couldn't stand not reading it.

                                                           Maura,Bobby and Greg Horan.
                                                       Salem Fields Cemetery, Brooklyn. 


I started at the paper infront of me. Horan... Niall's surname.. Maura, Bobby, Greg.

Where are his parents?

Then it hit me. My eyes widened as I started to the piece of paper infront of me. His parents were murdered  in 2010, three years ago..

"Kate, where are you? Hurry up." I heard him coming up the stairs. Shit. I quickly put back the paper in his closet and got dressed.

"Emm, a relative of mine called me and told me that my uncle is sick, so I won't come to school today.And I'll come home late."

Today... the 17th of September...



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