"...them?Who are they?" She asked innoncently. The girl gave her a sympathetic look. "Your worst nightmare."


2. Missing.

~ ...It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters...~ 

The sound of my alarm woke me up up. Shut up Taylor! I got up unwillingly and walked downstairs. I saw a note on the table kitchen. It was from my mother, she was flying to Paris today and she wished me a good first day at school. Home alone!

I got dressed and ate my breakfast. Then, I went to school. 

I arrived a bit later than I had expected and everyone was already in their classes. Shit! 

I rushed to my class and barged in. The whole class giggled. 

"You're late." The teach hissed. "I'm really sorry!" I apologised.He nodded. "Take the sit next to Payne." 

I quickly sat down.I looked over the guy the teacher called 'Payne'. He had buzzed brown hair. He was reading a book. I don't think it was related to the lesson, thought! 

I felt something hitting my back and turned around. My eyes widened as soon as I realised that the blonde guy with the snapback from yesterday was sitting just behind me. 

"Niall?" I whispered in suprise. He laughed. "Kate?" He mimicked me sarcastically. We both giggled.

"Niall, Kate I don't care if you have things to talk about. Do it afterwards." The teacher gave us a glare. I turned around so my back was facing Niall again. Thankfully, my seat was next to the window, so I was able to daydream the whole time.

The lesson was pretty boring 'till the door opened and a curly-haired boy walked in. 

"What do you think you're doing Styles? " The teacher asked aggressively. "Watch your mouth shorty." The boy replied with ease. He was really hot. Like what the fuck? He had green eyes, tall and well-built. I didn't realised I was staring at him 'till he winked at me. I immediately looked away, blushing. Shit Kate!

The ring finally rang. I turned to talk to Niall but he was already surrounded by lots of girls. What a popular kid! I rushed out of the classroom, heading to my locker when I saw lots of students gathered. 

"What happened?" I asked a girl who was next to me. "A girl has been missing three days now and her parents called the school to ask if they had seen her." She explained. I watched as the teacher was asking the students if they had seen anything. " You're the new student, aren't you?" Suddenly, the girl changed mood. I nodded. "I'm Stacy!" She smiled. "Kate." I smiled back.  "Come with me, I'll show you around!" She said and started walking around school.

When we entered the cafeteria, a guy approached us. "Stacyy! Have you heard about Emily? She has been missing about three days now." He said rather excited than worried. He looked at me. "Oh, I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson. Kate, the new student, right ?" He smirked. "Yeah.." 

His gaze returned to Stacy." They say the 'five' did that too.." He said, frowning a bit. The five? I looked at Stacy who calmly nodded. "Bullshit." She said.  "Who are the 'five' ?" I asked, holding a giggle. Five? Aren't we supposed to say their names?

"Oh yeah, you don't know about them. Those last three years, lots of students have gone missing or have been found dead. Some claimed that there are five students who are behind this. But that's ridiculous. " Stacy said. "The teachers can't accept the fact that they can't do anything and they blame the students.." She continued, annoyed. Louis laughed. "Yeah, that's not the first time someone has gone missing." He explained.  

I looked at them in suprise. "And they just disappear like that?" I asked, looking at Louis. "Well, most of the time those who disappear have a bad reputation..." He turned around and took a glance at the curly-haired guy from before."Except Harry. He will never disappear." He said annoyed. I giggled. 

"Some girls claimed that they have been raped.." Stacy said. My eyes widened. Raped? A moment flashed in my head. "It's just the beggining, I promise it won't hurt." No Kate. Of course not. No relation. School hadn't even started yet. "But from what I've heard, they don't hurt random people, so relax 'cause your face is pale!" Louis gave me a worried look. "Haha..yeah.."

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