"...them?Who are they?" She asked innoncently. The girl gave her a sympathetic look. "Your worst nightmare."


6. Lies.

Niall's alarm clock woke me up. However I was alone on the bed. I slowly stood up and made my way to the bathroom. I washed my face, brushed my hair and got dressed.

"I'm out of time, mate and I don't think I can do it...please can you do that for me?"  Niall's voice came from downstairs. He was talking on the phone.I quietly went to the stairs in order to listen to what he was saying. I'm too curious, I know.  

"Really? I owe you. Thanks." He said and hung up the phone. Eh? What was he talking about? And to who? 

"Niall?" I walked down the stairs and went to him. "Oh you finally woke up?" He smiled uncomfortably. I  nodded. "Is everything alright?" I asked curious. "Yeah, why?" He looked anxious.  "Nothing.." I said and grabbed my jacket. "Anyway, let's go." He said and we started walking to school.

I entered my class. Niall and I hadn't said a word since when we were at his house. He didn't talk, he was just looking at his phone THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME. I mean what the hell? Yesterday he was really different. I sighed. The guy who was sitting next to me giggled. I turned to give him a glare but then I realised it was Zayn.Gosh, this guy was hot. I couldn't help but smirk. He started at me for a little and then winked at me.My face flushed. It's not that I like him, but he is stunning. 

The bell finally rang. I rushed to my locker to put my books in. After that, I headed to the school's cafeteria. I went to Stacy's table and sat beside her. Louis shot me a concerned look. "What's wrong love?" He asked. I smiled. "I hadn't much sleep." I said. "Did you lost your virginity?" My eyes widened to his words and I turned to look at him, expecting that he was laughing with his joke, but instead he had a dead serious face. "No?" I said  looking at him in horror. He smirked. "Why are you blushing it's not a big deal." He laughed. I awkwardly laughed with him. He was fun but a bit weird sometimes.

My eyes caught a blushing Niall whispering to some girl's ear and then laughing. He had wrapped his arms around her and she was sitting on his lap. What.The.Fucking.Fuck? The girl looked at me and I gave her the most death glare I had ever given. She looked at me confused and then said something to Niall's ear. He laughed and then kissed her. HE KISSED HER.

That's enough. I got up, but felt someone's grip. "Calm down, you don't want to make a scene, do you?" Stacy said. "I don't care." I hissed. "Kate don't." Louis carefree mood had turned into a serious one. I nodded. Stacy let go of my arm and I ran outside of the cafeteria. I won't cry, I won't cry..Shit. I started crying. I went outside and luckily no one was there. 

What was he doing? He kissed her? Infront of me? I couldn't stop crying. I really liked him, even thought, I knew him for like..ten days. "Just give me a chance." As I remembered his words I became more and more furious. Such a bastard.

I felt someone's hand on my back. "Kate?" He asked suprised. I quickly swept the tears away. Zayn was standing behind me. "Yes?" I faked a smile. "Why are you crying?" He sat next to  me. "Niall kissed a random girl." My eyes started hurting again.I don't even know why I told him, though. His eyes widened. "What? Really?" I nodded. He hugged me. "Come on, stop crying. Don't mess your pretty face with tears." He said softly. I have to admit that he really knew how to make a girl feel better. "Besides, you fit better with someone else." He smirked and I awkwardly smiled.He leaned towards me. "Me for example." His hot breath tickled my ear and I shivered. Then his soft lips made their way to mine. 

At first, I didn't kiss back, but then he put a bit more force and I couldn't help it. He gently bit my bottom lip and then started moving in sync again. I let his tongue slip into my mouth, exploring it. He tasted kind of mint. I don't know why but Niall tasted like vanilla and vodka. A weird combination, but I really loved his kisses. Duh, I was thinking about him again.

"Having fun?" I heard someone's voice. I quickly broke out from the kiss and looked at the guy standing infront of us, Niall. "Don't mind me. I just wanted to break up with you Kate, but I guess there's no need to now..You already did it yourself." He said with a small smirk on his face. He must have a lot of nerve. I stood up. "I thought you were okay since you were kissing with random girls in the cafeteria." I hissed. His smirk grew even bigger. "Oops. You saw that? Excuse me." He laughed and walked away. I glared at him. All I wanted to do was to slap him right now. What happened? He was so different..maybe he did that with all the girls he had dated before. I hate him.

Zayn wrapped his arms around me. "Fuck this bastard." He whispered and I nodded. It was heartbroking,  thought. Yesterday I felt like I was the only one who knew something more about him. I felt like I was special to him. And today he ruined my world.And so suddenly? What did I do wrong? I looked at him as he was walking away. I felt like crying again, but hold it. 

Damn you, Horan..


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