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3. Karlea and Liam

Karlea's P.O.V

I was over at Liam's watching a movie waiting for the boys to get back from their interview. I decided to watch the rest of the interview, so I changed the channel.

"Welcome back guys. We have One Direction here today. Hello boys." The interviewer said.

"Thank for having us." Said Liam. They waved at the camera and I rolled my  eyes.

"Liam, so I heard you are single." The interviewer said. I was shocked everyone knows that we are dating.

"Well I am breaking up with my former girlfriend for a girl named Danni who I met on X-Factor." He said. This does not sound like Liam at all. I changed the channel and tears burst out of my eyes. Why would he do such a  thing. Liam was caring and loving he would never do such a thing. I walked up to the room we shared and packed all my things and I heard the boys walk inside.

"babe are you here?" Liam asked. I rolled my suitcase down the stairs and grabbed my purse.

"Goodbye Liam, have a good life." I said and started wheeling out but someone grabbed my arm.

"Why are you going?" He asked confused.

"Don't lie to me Liam. I saw your interview. You are such a liar." I said wiping awy my tears.

"Management told me to say that." He said.

"I don't believe you. I am sorry we are over and I never want to see you or the boys again. Goodbye boys." I said and walked outside and put my suitecase in the care then walked back inside. I hugged Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn nd left Liam there standing paralysed.

I drove home and put all my stuff away and cried myself to sleep.

~1 week later~

There was a knock on my door. I groaned and opened it and guess who was standing ther. Liam Payne.

"What do you want?" I spat

"I want you back. Listen to me. I am sorry I was wrong to say that. Management didn't want me t0 date you they wanted me to date Danni. But we never did. I was too much of a mess. I love you." He said without a breathe.

"ok, I am sorry for not hearing you out. I love you too Liam." He smiled bigger than I have ever seen him smile and he hugged me so tight.

"Can't breath." I said. He pulled away and we kissed passionately.


Hey Karlea

I hope you liked it.

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