Please comment your name, hair colour, length of imagine, boy you want it with, and what you want it about.
(No rude ones sorry)


1. Genea and Harry

(My friend on instagram did this one. @1d_is_my_heart)

You and Harry are at his house eating popcorn and watching a scary movie, you snuggle up to his warm abs with the blanket close to your face, your so scared he holds you in his arms "hey babe, I'm going to get some more popcorn." Harry says. "ok harry but hurry up I am going to get scared." You say back. He walks downstairs into the kitchen, your shaking then a scary pop up scene comes up and you run down the stairs and bump into Harry and popcorn spills everywhere. "Ow, oh genea you ok love what happened? Did you get scared?" Harry says. Your shivering in his chest. You look up at him and nod with closed eyes. He plays with your hair and pets you and says "babe, you don't need to worry I'm here, stay in my arms forever and you will be alright." You look at him and smile and kiss him on the cheek. "Why don't we watch spongebob?" he askes and you say "I'd like that."


Isn't she a sweet thang. All of this credit goes to here. Please if you have instagram follow her. @1d_is_my_heart


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