The Gryffindor Princess

Elizabeth Duncan is a pure-blood witch that has been concealed from the Wizarding World for many years. She had been kept hidden and safe in the Muggle World, not knowing of her blood heritage or family. Elizabeth grew up in an orphanage due to the fact that each one of her family members were murdered for reasons unknown. Elizabeth had never in a hundred years would she have thought that her family had been one of the most powerful witches and wizards in Wizarding History.


10. The Dream



Some say that dreams are only the pigmentation of facts. Yet, others believe that to believe in one's dream is to spend all of one's life asleep. But to me, dreaming only permits each and everyone of us to be insane every night of our lives. Nights without them are neither a curse nor a blessing. 


Time ticked by quickly, -- although, it was agonising -- and I managed to pull through. I even managed to get Hermione to stop trailing me everywhere. I roamed the school alone, books in my hands and head lowered. The murmurs had eventually died down, but there were a few who continued their gossip as if it was the latest news that Elizabeth Duncan had come to Hogwarts. It was nearly Christmas and hardly anyone stayed back at the school. Many had left home, thankful to be out and on their way home to their families.

That was something I envied the most. I had no one. 


Christmas holidays lasted for two weeks, so I spent my time in my dorm practicing a few spells. Often, unexpected things would happen. I didn't know what, but I had heard squealing and loud, running footsteps from the dorm room next to me. I had taken it into account that I was the doing for whatever happened.

I had pretty much become an outcast at Hogwarts and kept to myself. The only other person that I knew was staying away from home this year was Draco. I hardly talked to him and it seemed as if we were total strangers -- which we were.


It was snowing outside and it was a marvellous sight. I pulled on my coat, scarf, gloves and boots and rushed to play in the snow. There were a few other students throwing snowballs at their friends and building forts. I walked around and found an empty spot before falling back and started making a snow angel. I lost track of time and my surroundings were no longer noticed by me. I felt my eyelids slowly shut and I was enveloped in a memory.

The memory was not mine.

I was in Hogwarts, but in a different body. I didn't recognise any of the students here, but many of them were chatting noisily to me. We were in the Gryffindor Common Room.

"Joanna? Joanna! Stop playing with that pendant of yours and help me out here. What do you think? Red or Silver?"
A girl asked, holding up two dresses. A voice that wasn't mine answered,

"Frankly, I think that Red would suit you, but then again, Silver brings out the colour of your eyes."
"Why do you always have to answer so logically, Miss Joanna Duncan?"
"Oh, be quiet, Sarah!"
The voice said again, but there was a joking tone to it. They laughed and I felt myself being pulled away from the scene.


I felt someone shaking me awake and I opened my eyes, I met a pair of grey orbs. I blinked a few more times to recover from that unusual memory and sat up. It was getting dark and I began to wonder how long I've been out here in the snow. I brushed off the snow that had formed a thin layer on me and sneezed from the cold.

"Are you all right? I noticed you were out here alone and it was getting late."
Draco said and I looked up, almost forgetting that he was here.

"Yes, thank you. What time is it?"
"Almost time for dinner. Are you unwell? Why were you sleeping out here in the snow?"
"I…don't know. One minute I was making a snow angel and then all of a sudden, you're waking me up. I didn't realise I'd fallen asleep."

"Strange," Draco said and got up to his feet, "Let's go then. It's getting colder by the second."
He offered me a hand and helped me get up. I felt my pockets for my wand and sighed in relief when I felt it there.


As the two young children walked into the Great Hall, something had started glowing under the snow outside where Elizabeth had been lying. Little did she know that she had had a memory of her mother and somehow, a pendant had found itself to Elizabeth.





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