The Gryffindor Princess

Elizabeth Duncan is a pure-blood witch that has been concealed from the Wizarding World for many years. She had been kept hidden and safe in the Muggle World, not knowing of her blood heritage or family. Elizabeth grew up in an orphanage due to the fact that each one of her family members were murdered for reasons unknown. Elizabeth had never in a hundred years would she have thought that her family had been one of the most powerful witches and wizards in Wizarding History.


3. My encounter with Draco Malfoy


I didn't know where I was going, but I knew that I just needed to be away from such a large group of people. I almost felt sick. 

An eerie looking lake soon came into view and I walked towards it. I sat down by a tree next to the lake and the moon reflected perfectly on the still water. It was calm and I took a bite out of the apple I had in my hand. I was alone once more and the silence soothed me. I didn't keep track of the time and I didn't care. I would find Professor Dumbledore later and I would tell him that it was a big mistake coming here. It was obvious that I didn't fit in.

A few tears slipped from my eyes knowing that I never knew my parents and that I don't have a single blood relative, because as everyone had already pointed out. They're dead. The tears gradually became heavier and I tried to stop. I pulled the picture that Dumbledore had handed to me earlier of my parents and smiled.

Hermione had told me earlier on that the hall that we were in before was called The Great Hall. The Great Hall was apparently where we had our meals if that wasn't obvious enough. I heard a branch snap behind me and I turned to look at whatever had interrupted me and was surprised to see a white bunny rabbit. I didn't know what it was, but animals often tend to come near me. I held my arms open to the rabbit and it hopped over to me. I slowly eased my hand into its soft fur and picked it up, setting him on my lap. 

Knowing that it was probably getting late, I decided to get back to the Great Hall. The rabbit was still in my arms and I talked to it softly. I retraced my steps back to the Great Hall and eventually found my way back. I pushed the doors open and breathed a sigh of relief when I didn't attract too much attention. Everyone was eating dessert but I didn't feel hungry anymore. Hermione stood up and rushed towards me.

"There you are! I thought you might have gotten lost! Oh, and don't take what Ronald has to say seriously. He's an idiot."
Hermione said and I smiled slightly. I sat back down at my seat and refused to look at the ginger headed boy that Hermione had pointed out as Ronald Weasley. 

I felt an intense stare on me and I looked up to see a boy over at the Slytherin table with white-blonde hair staring at me. A smirk plastered his face before he turned back to his dessert. I grabbed a carrot stick from the table and fed the rabbit that was back on my lap. It chew quickly and Hermione looked down at it. I decided that I would get some carrots for later on if it got hungry so I stashed a few in my pocket.

"Where did you find that?"
Hermione asked.

"I didn't, it just hopped over to me."
I said before Hermione patted its head. I looked over to see Dumbledore looking at me, a goblet in his hand as he sipped from it. Probably pumpkin juice. I eventually started talking to Hermione about school and we got to know each other. She seemed pretty cool and it would be nice having her as a friend. 

"What do you think we should name him?"
I asked Hermione, indicating to the rabbit and she thought for a moment before her face brightened.

"You could call him Snowball, because of his white fur. Or you could call him Nibbles."
Hermione suggested and I decided on the first one.

"I guess I'll name you Snowball then."
I said, talking to the rabbit. I smiled at Hermione and she did the same.


After everyone finished their dessert, the food disappeared and Professor Dumbledore rose to the podium and directed the prefects to lead us back to our dormitories. The chatter seemed louder as we exited the Great Hall and Hermione and myself followed the prefect to the dormitories. I was at the back of the line and Snowball was fidgeting in my grip. He jumped out of my arms and started hopping the other way. 

I yelled after him, I gave Hermione a look saying that I would catch up sooner or later. She nodded reluctantly before I chased to catch up with the rabbit. It hopped down a flight of stairs and soon, it got darker and darker. The corridor only lit by a few fire torches.

I yelled after it but it kept hopping away. I lost sight of him as he turned a corner. I turned the exact same corner but bumped into someone. I fell on my bottom and groaned, knowing that I'll probably get a bruise from it in the morning. 

"Looking for this thing?"
A spine-chilling but cool voice asked, I looked up to see the boy with the white-blonde hair from the Great Hall. He had Snowball in one hand. He offered a hand and I took it and he pulled me up.

"The name's Draco Malfoy. Pure-blood."
I took Snowball from his hand and heard the rabbit squeaking. I pulled a carrot out and handed it to the rabbit.

"Elizabeth Duncan. I'm not sure what I am."
I said, holding my hand out to him. Malfoy stared at it for a second before putting his hand in mine.

"It's a little obvious, the Duncans were all pure-bloods, so you're worthy of being my friend."
The boy said, a smirk on his face before I raised an eyebrow.

"Do you judge people depending on their blood?"
I asked and he nodded.

"Of course I do, Duncan. Blood means everything in my family."

"That's a little silly. I'm pretty sure you have some friends who aren't pure-bloods."
I stated

"No, they're all pure-bloods."

"That's a little strange, but who am I to judge who you get to hang out with? I'm no better, I had no friends in the orphanage."

Our little conversation was interrupted by Snowball sneezing. Come to think of it, it was getting cold and I held the rabbit closer to me. 

"I have to go, Draco. Snowball's going to get a cold. Perhaps I'll see you tomorrow."
I said, turning on my heel and walking to wherever I had to go. 

"You called me Draco."
Draco called out and I ran back, knowing that I would probably get in trouble if a teacher found me wandering the corridors after hours.

"It is your name, isn't it? Call me Eliza the next time you see me!"
I yelled, my voice echoing through the dark hallway. 


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