The Gryffindor Princess

Elizabeth Duncan is a pure-blood witch that has been concealed from the Wizarding World for many years. She had been kept hidden and safe in the Muggle World, not knowing of her blood heritage or family. Elizabeth grew up in an orphanage due to the fact that each one of her family members were murdered for reasons unknown. Elizabeth had never in a hundred years would she have thought that her family had been one of the most powerful witches and wizards in Wizarding History.


7. Magic


The next few days were spent in classes doing magic. Surprisingly, magic came easily to me and using a wand was fairly simple to use.

Hermione was a good friend and even though I still liked being alone, her company was welcomed and the way she talked about everything with her head held high and with confidence. It was like she was the most intelligent witch - which she probably was. We were sitting in Transfiguration with the first year Slytherins. Hermione was sitting next to me while Ron and Harry were sitting in front of us trying to turn the water from a goblet into a type of animal. 

Everyone was standing in line, waiting for their turn. A few Slytherins pushed in front of me and sneered. I ignored them and as a girl with short hair and a pug-looking face waved her wand. Water started raising from the goblet and dropped to the floor, appearing in the form of a bird. It flew over our heads and everyone was in awe. A look of pride was shown on the girl's face before she walked to the back of the line and the next person stepped up. It was one of Draco's friends, I knew because I often saw this boy around Draco, but Draco himself wasn't anywhere in the classroom. The boy was laughing and a sneer plastered on his face. The chubby boy snickered before conjuring a small bear. I stared at its brown fur and curious eyes as it stared right back at me. It disappeared, however, shortly after that. 

I waited patiently for my turn and I raised my wand at the goblet. I concentrated on an animal until a vaguely familiar animal jumped out of the goblet. It was a large snake that seemed all too familiar. It's slimy and long body slithered its way to me and I was frozen on the spot. This was the snake I dreamt about. The snake's beady eyes watched me and hissed. It made its way towards me and wrapped itself around my legs. It was exactly like the dream. It vanished quickly as I lowered my wand. Everyone was still excited and didn't notice my slightly shaken self. I walked to the back of the line and put on a smile as I saw Hermione.

Professor McGonagall dismissed us and we grabbed our books before heading out for lunch. I had a sick feeling in my stomach and I told Hermione that I would go back to my dorm to lie down or something. She nodded, though I could tell she wasn't convinced one bit. I ran up to my Common Room and up the stairs into my dorm. I got changed out of my robes because Transfiguration was the last of my classes until tonight, when I had Astronomy on the Astronomy Tower with Professor Sinatra and the Hufflepuffs. I paced back and forth in my room and sighed. 

That snake that I managed to conjure up in Transfiguration was giving me the creeps. I knew that it had been a few hours since I'd been up in my dorm and grabbed a sweater before heading out the Common Room and down the many flight of stairs. I had always been scared of heights and when I looked down the railings, I felt nauseas. I finally managed to get to the Great Hall where almost everyone was, I was taking a quick peak because I didn't fancy anyone's company. There were still some empty spots which I could see.


"What is Merlin's name are you doing, Duncan?"
I heard someone say and I turned around quickly and flushed. It was only Draco.

"I didn't really want to be around that many people. They always tend to stare and whisper. I never fancied crowds anyway."
I said, looking down at my feet as my long hair covered my face.

"That isn't very brave of you, is it? Considering you're a Gryffindor and all, I was expecting something more."
Draco said before holding his hand up, indicating for me to wait where I was before disappearing into the Great Hall and coming back a few minutes later with a green apple.

"Here, you should at least eat something. I've noticed you don't eat much."
Draco said, taking my hand and placing the apple on it, making sure I was holding on to it properly. 

"Thank you."

I said, averting my eyes from his. I always did that. I never truly looked someone in the eyes because I never trusted anyone. Before either one of us could say anymore, I turned away and ran down the now empty hallway. The only sound that was heard was my footsteps hitting the cold ground. I could feel Draco's eyes boring into my back.



Draco Malfoy stared after the mysterious girl who had taken off running. Normally, the young Malfoy boy would've sneered and snarled at a petty little Gryffindor who he considered below himself. He already considered most of his fellow Slytherins as cowardly and down-right boring, but things were different with this Duncan girl. She held a mysterious and alluring aura that seemed to draw almost everyone in. Realising what he was thinking, Draco spat and scoffed, suddenly feeling like a mudblood himself. He let out a groan before kicking at the wall before entering the Great Hall and strutting over to the Slytherin table with pride, wiping away any trace of showing sympathy for the girl.

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