The Gryffindor Princess

Elizabeth Duncan is a pure-blood witch that has been concealed from the Wizarding World for many years. She had been kept hidden and safe in the Muggle World, not knowing of her blood heritage or family. Elizabeth grew up in an orphanage due to the fact that each one of her family members were murdered for reasons unknown. Elizabeth had never in a hundred years would she have thought that her family had been one of the most powerful witches and wizards in Wizarding History.


2. Eleven years later


I was sitting alone again. It was raining and the fat raindrops were trickling down the window. I could hear the soft chatter of the other children around me. I could feel their stares on me. They thought I was a lost-cause, a hopeless case. None of them wanted to be my friend or play with me. I trudged up the stairs of the Foster Home and walked down the corridor to my boring-looking room. I sat in bed, opening up a book and began to read. I had long brown hair that fell down to my waist and greyish-blue eyes. I didn't know how long I had sat there for, but I heard a knock on the door and in walked Ms. Hannah. She was a woman around her early 30's and she ran the Foster Home. 

"Elizabeth, you have a visitor."
Ms. Hannah said before I looked up from my book at the man who was standing beside her. He had a grey beard and spectacles. He had blue robes on which was a very peculiar sight. He looked ancient and could have been my great great-grandfather.

"Hello Elizabeth, my name is Professor Dumbledore."
The man said and I stared at him intently, I was cautious of those around me and I never let my guard down. I didn't trust this man, but he appeared kind-hearted.

"I used to teach your parents at school."
Professor Dumbledore said and I immediately focused my stare on him. 

"However, my real reason for my presence here is to talk to you about magic."
I listened, knowing that this man might have the answer to my questions, why I didn't have a mother or father. Professor Dumbledore pulled something from his robe and handed it to me. It seemed to be a picture. I took it and was surprised to see the picture actually moving. There was a man and a woman who stood outside a big castle, they looked happy together. The woman had long, brown hair while the man had dirty blonde hair. 

"That's your parents, Elizabeth."
I continued to stare at the picture and slowly processed his words. These were my parents. I saw the resemblances between my mother and myself.

"Have you ever done anything that you couldn't explain? Something almost magical, perhaps?"
Professor Dumbledore asked and I thought for a moment.

When I was younger, I was walking by a park with a few of the other kids, Ms Hannah was with us, making sure we were safe. I stumbled upon a bird that was on the verge of death. I picked it up and wished for it to live. That evening, I heard a tap on my window, I turned the lights on and there, stood on the window sill was the bird from that afternoon. These things kept occurring, I had brought back many things back to life. 

"I can bring things back to life."
I said, looking at the plant that was by the window. 
"Have you been able to do other things?"
Professor Dumbledore asked and I shook my head.
"Am I a freak like all the other kids say I am?"
I asked, looking up at the man's eyes. They had a twinkle in them.

"You're a witch, Elizabeth. Like your mother was. Your father too, was a wizard."
I stared at him in shock once again.

"A witch? But Ms Hannah used to tell us stories about witches being evil."
I said to my defense but heard the chuckle of the professor.

"Nonsense! However, there are some witches and wizards out there who are evil and use their powers for bad things. You are a very powerful witch, Elizabeth. So were your ancestors before you. You're the last of your bloodline and you must be protected. I am offering you a spot in the finest school the Wizarding World has ever seen. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"My ancestors? Bloodline? Protection? School?"
I asked, unsure of how else to respond except with confusion.

"All will be revealed in due time. I am asking you to leave with me now to Hogwarts."
Professor Dumbledore said before I glared at him once more.

"How do I know that you aren't one of the bad wizards that use your powers for evil?"
I asked, willing the professor to prove himself.

"Because I am the only one who knows that you are still alive. Everyone out there in the Wizarding World, believe that the most powerful witches and wizards - the Duncan family - have all passed. You are the last of your kind."

"My kind? You make it sound like I'm some breed of an animal."

Speaking of animals, I suddenly remembered the nightmare I had last night. I had nightmares every night and that was why I was so cautious around people. I had dreams about jets of green light and screaming. Except the one from the previous night wasn't about a war. I dreamed of a snake. It was big and was many meters long. It had slowly made it's way to me before curling at my feet and stopping.

"Your kind were one that held the purest of magical blood. In otherwise, you were considered royalty."
I was snapped back from my thoughts of my dream and decided that I would indeed follow the professor to the school.

"I'll come with you to the school."
The man seemed slightly suspicious of the sudden change of heart but didn't question it. 

"But, what about my things? I haven't gotten any school books or -"
"Don't worry, dear one. As I had said before, your family was royalty meaning they were wealthy. But come now, we shall worry about that in the near future. We must make it back in time for dinner and the sorting of the houses for the first years."
Dumbledore's words made no sense to my ears but like he, I didn't question it. I grabbed the few things I had and we walked down the hollow steps and the professor signed a sheet of paper that Ms Hannah had held in front of him and I was free to go. 

Once we were out on the street, Dumbledore held his hand out for me and I took it. The neighborhood in front of me vanished and I suddenly felt like I was being squished into a tube and my insides were churning. I had the urge to throw up, but I held it in. As soon as the feeling came, it was gone and my feet touched the ground.

"What was that?"
I asked, leaning over and forcing myself not to vomit out all the contents of what I had earlier today.

"That was Apparation. A form of Wizarding Transport. Rather useful once you get the hang of it."
Dumbledore said but I thought otherwise. We were in an empty corridor and I was awestruck at how tall the ceilings were and how big the walkway was. I realized that I had been left behind and ran to catch up with the aging man. I could hear distinct chatter and it only got louder and louder as we rounded the corner. There, many students stood in black robes and a woman that looked equally as old as Professor Dumbledore talking to the students. 

All eyes were on us as we walked closer to the group and the woman turned to look at Dumbledore and myself.

"Ah, Albus. I was wondering when you'd appear. I see you brought the Duncan girl."
The woman whispered quietly, but I overheard due to the fact that I was standing right next to them. With a wave of a stick that the woman had in her hand, my casual clothes that I was wearing changed and I was wearing what the other children were wearing too. I was stunned and so were some of the other kids. Dumbledore nodded his head at me before pushing two great doors open slightly and walking in.

"My name is Professor McGonagall and I will be one of your teachers this year. Get in line with the others."
The woman who was dressed in black and the pointy hat said and I nodded. I cautiously stood next to a girl with obnoxiously bushy hair. She turned to look at me and smiled, holding her hand out.

"Hermione Granger. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."
She said and I shook her hand. I was stunned once again because this was the first time that someone ever wanted to talk to me, let alone make my acquaintance.

"Um, Elizabeth Duncan."
I said and her eyes widened and so did some of those around her. There were gasps and whispers but I didn't see the big fuss about it.

"But my father used to tell me stories about the Duncan massacre! They're supposed to be all dead!"
Commented a boy who was standing in front of Hermione and I, he had ginger hair and stood next to him was a boy with black hair and round glasses. He had a scar of a lightning bolt on his forehead. 

"I bet she's lying! My Mum told me that the Duncans all had a significant tattoo on some part of their body in the shape of a star."
Said another from somewhere in the crowd. Come to think of it, I did have a strange tattoo on my neck. I flipped my long, straight hair to the side, revealing the tattoo and there were more gasps. There was gossip going around but I ignored this. I hated being the center of attention and like I said, I was cautious. Professor McGonagall said some things but I droned out her words. Soon, we were lead into a massive hall and many students were sat around tables, watching us enter.

We came to a halt at the end of the hall and there stood a stool and a pointy hat that seemed to have a frown on its face.

The hat started singing and many of the kids around me started laughing.

One by one, Professor McGonagall called out names and the owner of that name walked forward and sat on the stool. The hat was placed on he or she's head and it would call out the name of a house they were assigned to. 

Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor and the group was slowly getting smaller and smaller as the students got sorted. I was the last on the list and the hall was quiet.

"Last but not least, Elizabeth Valentina Duncan."
Professor McGonagall said, her voice booming. Like before, everyone gasped and started whispering. I was getting slightly annoyed at this and I balled my fist up and sat on the stool. The hat was placed on my head and it started talking. I didn't really mind which house he put me in because it was just a house. 


"Ah, Elizabeth Duncan. I haven't seen a Duncan in a long time. Let's see now, it is obvious that you shall get put into the house that all your ancestors were put in. You are brave and strong-willed. However, I detect an ounce of yourself that is cunning and sly, but no matter."

The hat kept rambling on before it finally shouted out 'Gryffindor.'

I could see everyone cheering from the Gryffindor table and I slowly made my way to where Hermione was sitting at. I slid into the seat next to hers and received pats on the back and congratulations. Across from me, I saw the Slytherin table and I received glares. I ignored them and heard Professor Dumbledore say a few words before food magically appeared on the table. I still received stares and whispers from everyone and it was tipping me off. I felt uncomfortable and wondered if it was a good idea coming to Hogwarts. I grabbed a juicy red apple and proceeded to eat it when the boy with the ginger hair from earlier on was sat in front of me and he started whispering something to the boy next to him but I heard him loud and clear. 

"My Mum told me stories all about the massacre and how the Duncans were killed viciously. It was on the Daily Prophet for weeks. No matter how strong the Duncan family were said to be, I guess they couldn't hold out in the end. A wonder how quickly they got taken out, actually."
That was the last straw, I glared at him before banging my fist on the table making the silverware clatter, I could have sworn I saw the fire that lit the room up flicker. The hall became silent again before I stood up and continued to glare at the ginger before getting out of my seat and walking out the hall. I didn't care where I was going, I just knew that I already had enough of this school and wanted to go back to the Foster Home where no one gossiped about my last name or of my family.











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