The Gryffindor Princess

Elizabeth Duncan is a pure-blood witch that has been concealed from the Wizarding World for many years. She had been kept hidden and safe in the Muggle World, not knowing of her blood heritage or family. Elizabeth grew up in an orphanage due to the fact that each one of her family members were murdered for reasons unknown. Elizabeth had never in a hundred years would she have thought that her family had been one of the most powerful witches and wizards in Wizarding History.


8. Dead End


'Pitter, patter, pitter, patter.'

Went the rain as it fell on the windows in Eliza's dorm. Three weeks have passed since Draco and Eliza's last encounter with each other.

Draco had spared a few glances over to Gryffindor house every night, looking desperately for the Duncan girl, she had never turned up for meals and he would furrow his eyebrows together and scrunch up his nose. Absolutely rubbish. He would think to himself every night whenever Eliza wasn't there. The only times Draco would see her would be during classes, but even then, Eliza sometimes never showed up.

Eliza had taken to secluding herself as much as possible. She had let Snowball back out into the forest a few days ago because she knew that he would want his freedom. Eliza had felt sick and drained, she never got a good night's rest because of the recurring nightmares she would experience. Every morning, when she woke up, her face would be tear-stained and dark circles would be visible around her eyes. 


A knock sounded on Eliza's door and she lifted her head from her homework to see who it was. She opened the door and there stood Hermione.

"Eliza, it's dinner time. Come on."
Hermione said.

"Hermione, I don't feel well, I might ski-"
I stammered, but Hermione held a hand up, indicating me to stop talking.

"Eliza, seriously. You've missed out on so many meals that even I can't remember the last time you ate."

With that, I was dragged from my dorm and pulled down the many stairs. It seemed like forever until we reached the Great Hall. The chatter was as loud as ever. I kept my head down as Hermione led us to our seats, opposite Ron and Harry. They seemed surprised to see me. Ron already had his mouth filled with food and he choked when he tried to say something to me. Harry patted his back and handed him a cup of what seemed like pumpkin juice. 

I sat down quickly and kept my head bowed even lower. Hermione grabbed my plate and filled it with a variety of food before placing it back in front of me and giving me a look that said 'Eat-or-I'll-force-it-down-your-throat'. I picked up my fork and poked at my food before stabbing a piece of broccoli and shoving it in my mouth. I tuned out when Hermione, Ron and Harry started talking.

I felt many pairs of eyes staring at me. I looked up and the first person that I noticed that was staring at me was Draco. He was sat where he usually sat. A blank expression plastered on his face. I stared for another second before looking back down at my plate filled with food unappealing to myself. 

I fiddled with my thumbs for a few minutes when I noticed that dessert was appearing on the table. Everything looked sickly sweet and I grimaced. I excused myself and told Hermione that I was feeling tired and before she could say anything, I was walking out the Great Hall at an alarming pace.



Noticing that Elizabeth was excusing herself from the Gryffindor table, Draco immediately jumped to his feet and told his friends that he was retiring for the night. Knowing that this could probably be the only time to talk to the girl alone, he rushed out after her, thankfully not catching anyone's attention. Draco saw her figure disappear as she rounded a corner and immediately chased to catch up with her.

The rain outside was pouring heavily and as the thunder and lightning struck, Eliza couldn't help but whimper. She had always been scared of rainstorms ever since she was young. She didn't know what it was about them that scared her, but little did she know that a storm exactly like this one occurred during the Duncan massacre. Picking-up to a run, Eliza made a dash for the Gryffindor Common Rooms. 

Draco had lost sight of Elizabeth and wandered around the corridors for a while, looking for her. He had come to a dead end and he scowled. Kicking a lone pebble, he turned around and made his way back to the Slytherin Common Rooms.

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