the tribute

this story is about a girl and her friends who go to see the UK's number 1 tribute act to One direction


1. today's the day

me and my friends were so excited we've been buzzing since the start of the week, we were going to see a tribute to our faveriot band one direction, we heard that these are the best tribute band to one direction, it wasnt long till we had to go  it started at 4 anfd it was 11 now , we couldnt wait we were so psyched.

we went up town and bought ourselves something to eat from subway , we didnt eat it then we saved it for the tribute, it was getting closer, we were couting down until we had to go it seemed like forever. this day was going to be brilliant. it was just me and my friends at the one direction tribute.

Once me and sarah had finished up town it was  half 2 and we were dead excited, it was litterally going slow , to slow.

we couldn't wait till 3.45 as that's when the doors opened

"c'mon louis let's buy ourselves some markers" she had an idea and i had a slight idea of what she was going to do.

she walked into puond land and bought a set of 5 markers

" any idea what i'm gonna do" she said as she opened the markers and came towards me.

"yeah i have a pretty good idea" as i took out a marker and started drawing 1D on her face she smiled.

"yep you knew what i was doing, she finished writing on my face and we went to the toilets in McDonalds to see how we looked.

we had dressed as our faveriot band member i was louis and she was Zayn. it was amazing and the 1D's we wrote on our faces fitted in with our outfits. we were definatley dedicated one direction fans.

although these weren't one direction these were the best tribute act to them.

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