the tribute

this story is about a girl and her friends who go to see the UK's number 1 tribute act to One direction


3. they're coming on stage

they were on stage i couldnt believe it . they may not have looked like one direction but they sounded like them.

me and sarah were so psyched we were finally able to see some sort of one direction act asafter 3 years of trying to see them again. theyseemed lovely. me and sarah tried to get to the front to see them properly but there was a large crowd of kids under 5 there. we didnt want to restrict their veiws so what did we go do?

we pulled up to chairs and stood on them we could finnally see the band.they looked amazing. everytime they sang or even spoke you could hear the girls screaming.," but ther ewas one problem with this tribute band" me and sarah said to each other. "the one that was doing Zayn, he was irish" sarah stated i just laughed

"oh yeah isn't Niall the irish one?" i asked her joking around.

"yeah" she replied laughing. i nodded in agreementt, and sang along to the songs. once they'd finished the song they we singing they talked about what song they were doing and during that talked the one that was doing Louis done a heart over us we both fangirled.


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