the tribute

this story is about a girl and her friends who go to see the UK's number 1 tribute act to One direction


2. it's getting closer

it was 25 past 3 now we had to leave now. we rang a taxi and ordered it to go to the grampian this was gonna be good. the taxi took the piss to come and by the time we were there there was a large queue that reached the pub that was next door.We managed to sneak our way into the earlier part of the line.there was noises behind the door the locks were getting unlocked adn we could finally go in. although we were 15 at the time we saw the one direction baloons and fan girled we wanted them so bad. we bought our selves them. we were like little kids when it came to one direction.

"did we really get the baloons?"i asked Sarah laughing

"yeah we did, you gotta admit it was funny though, 2 16 year old girls getting baloons?" she replied. i giggled and took a seat near the stage. we couldnt wait for them to come on but it was only 5 and they cam on at six.

*an hour later*

"Introducing the Uk's number 1 tirbute act....... it's only 1direction" the MC said as the girls screamed. it was the best day ever

*author's note*

sorry for the short chapter haven't had time to update and the it's hard to remember somthing that happened"

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