ms. look-a-like

hi im stephanie other call me steph people always take me as perrie edawrds zayn malik's girlfriend but im not perrie! asked me to be her for two months! what will happen?


4. the park

me and zayn were at the park we talked then (DAY 6)

Z: umm perrie arent you busy?

ME: ahh no! (uh oh )

Z: really?

ME: yeah!

Z: cause i know your not perrie!

ME: what! how hy? i mean that's not true! (stupid me!)

Z: while you slept at my place i saw the tect you and perrie had

ME: then why?

Z: nothing it just is fun spending time with you i feel like im with perrie already!

ME: so my job is done here!

Z: no!! stay you still have 8 weeks with me

ME: ok!!!

then i sat he leaned closer to me kissing me i broke the kiss he wasnt mine he was perrie's!

Z: why did you break the kiss?

S: you're not mine! your perrie's!

Z: right! but still your my fake girlfriend right?

S: right i will kiss you if you dont tell perrie that you know!

Z: okay *kiss*


we kissed there were sparks but no i have a girlfriend perrie! i cant i cant break up with her for another girl who looks like her

no way we only have 8 weeks and im gonna see my real girlfriend again but im having second thoughts why?


i went home after that little scene when a group of paparazzi's flashed their cameras at me!




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