ms. look-a-like

hi im stephanie other call me steph people always take me as perrie edawrds zayn malik's girlfriend but im not perrie! asked me to be her for two months! what will happen?


2. texting perrie/concert


how what and why was going through my mind i have to go to the concert uhh why i dont want to

then an unknown number texted me it said it was perrie? WTF? how did she get my number?

P: um hi i noticed zayn texted me saying that i was at the interview but i was not how?

S:uh yeah umm i kinda look like you here look at the pic

P: yeah you do!can you do me a favor?

S: sure anything

P: uh yeah great! can you pretend to be me for the next two months?

S: what?!

P: please im very busy and zayn wants me to spend time with him pretty please!

S: okay but two months only right?

P: yes thank you!

S: welcome

after that conversation ended i kept thinking why? why did i do that favor from her i dont even know zayn that much!

i stil have to go to their concert being ms fake girlfriend and all i got myself together and go to the concert i dont even have a brit accent!

le concert

le concert done

after the concert was done i went to zayn's dressing room

Z: hi perrie im glad you came

S: yeah you were great

Le kisses lips

S: O.O

Z: why are you surprised you are my girlfriend arent you?

S: yes! yes i am hehe

Z: so maybe tommorrow we should go on a date?

S: sure where?

Z: my place

S: ok i will meet you there tom!

Z: so that's done want to go eat?

S: sure!

im getting the hang of this!

after we ate he walked me home

Z: why are we here this isnt your place

S: (oh no! think think think!) umm it's my cousin's place?

Z: oh okay bye (LE KISSES CHEEKS)

S: bye! O.O

i kept thnking about what happened did i really say yes to perrie?

why? i dont know why but i did it no turning back

the next morning zayn texted me

Zayn: hi babe i will pick you up later for our date okay?

Me: okay

after that my expression was this O.O i just remembered me and zayn were goin on a date so i guess this is day 1

me and zayn went to the park for icecream before we went to his place

we kind of had a conversation

then we went to his place he sat on the couch he patted the place next to him

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