ms. look-a-like

hi im stephanie other call me steph people always take me as perrie edawrds zayn malik's girlfriend but im not perrie! asked me to be her for two months! what will happen?


6. finally arrived

so i opened the door and it was my sis!!  i quickly hugged her


sis: so what's happening?

me: okay dont be mad okay?

sis: okay

me: i agreed to be a look a like girlfriend for perrie edwards!

sis: WHAT?!!

ME: dont worry! its goin to end soon say 8 weeks?

sis: 8 weeks!?

ME: yup its not that bad this is what i want to talk to you about umm please dont be mad!

sis: okay go on

ME: i like the boy!

sis: what!!!!

ME: yeah so please help me?

sis: no! no no no no no no im going bye ! oh and one more thing! tell him


after she left i thought about it

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