hate turns into love ( a one direction fan fiction)

its about one direction


1. they finally meet

hi im andy im tall i have brown hair  and i live in UK i have my own house cause im 19 my sis visited me from the philippines cause she will go to a one direction concert 

so i went to the airport to get my sis she looked so happy and excited she said to me "andy! i missed you and im excited to go to that concert!" yeah yeah why do you like one direction anyway? i said they're only the hottest guys in the world my sis said yeah right! i said

when we got to my house she settled down and i watched t.v.  you do know the concert is in like five hours right? sis said yeah so what? i said you have to come with me that's why i bought two tickets! she demandingly said OK FINE!!!! i said

hours later we went to the concert and she had a good time while i was just standing there waiting to go home  FINALLY it was over when i was walking my sister grabbed my hand and said wait!!! we still have something to do she pulled out backstage passes in her purse and said i won a contest that said i will have a backstage pass and i won! ahhhhh i said pls pls pls pls sis said of course i was forced then we went and met the boys while my sister was taking pictures with the 4 of them my sis said andy pls get me an autogtaph from harry please! ok i said even though i dont want to she jumped up and down and said great! he's right over there 

when i went to get the autograph i said hi can you please sign this autograph for my sister? sure he said then he gave it to me then said hey any chance i can see you again? NO i said why not he said cause i dont want paparazzi to take pictures of me and they post it to they're facebook pages and everyone will say hey who's that girl? and second i dont like you! shoutedly said but thanks for the the autograph then we left then the next day my sister went home to my country after i go to the airport with her i started looking for jobs.


































































































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