hate turns into love ( a one direction fan fiction)

its about one direction


3. the vacation

i cant believe it! im going on vacation with my friend in my country im packing my bags now and im going to the airport when i saw them we were waiting for 2 hours and finally! were here!  they trusted me with the resorts cause you know i am filipino so we went to my aunt's resort and we saw her and i greeted her!

then we went to pay for a room then we went to our room and put our bags there and we changed for the beach when we went to the beach harry zayn liam perry and danielle went first then i came to meet them when i went to get tanned harry asked me to go to the water we went and then i went deeper in to the sea he said dont go there you might drown! i said why what's the matter scared? then he came close and i threw sand on him he said what did you do? it's called sand fighting harry  why are you too scared to fight a girl back? i said then he threw sand on me and we fought by throwing sand then i said harry wait i think i got sand in my eye then he went close and closer and closer and then i threw sand on his face i was laughing so hard then he went back to the shore and i swam and swam

after i swam i  went back and asked them if they were hungry they all said yes so we went  to eat


so we went to boracay as a vacation were staying there for two days im with liam zayn danielle perrie and andy my frenemie! so we went to the resort and payed for the room and we got to the room to put our bags there and change for the beach after we went i saw andy she was so beautiful so i asked her to go to the sea and we went then she threw sand on me! so i threw sand back then after we threw sand on each other she said harry wait i think i got sand on my eye so i went to her then she threw sand on my face after that i went back to the shore to clean my face she swam and she went back to the shore too she said if anyone was hungry we all said yes so we went to a food chain and she asked us if were gonna eat pork or chicken we all said chicken then she went to order food i came with her i asked her why she was being so nice to me she said " im only being nice because i missed my country thats why im in a good mood then we went back in our table to eat after we ate we asked andy where we can buy souvenirs then she said she knew a place then we went there  we saw many stalls selling souvenir the three girls went to find jewelry so i went with them i was with andy and we looked at a heart necklace with two pearls by its side she said that its so beautiful and she wanted one like it cause it looked like her mom's necklace after that danielle and perrie called her name after she got off i bought the necklace when she went back with me we were walking and i gave her the necklace she said what is this (cause it was still in the box) i said open it she opened it and she was shocked she said why? i said its a thank you gift then she smiled want me to put the necklace on for you? she said yes  then i put it on her and then zayn approached us and said if there was a seven eleven here she said yeah so we went it was about 5:00 and we bought some tequila and beer to drink cause were going back to UK tommorrow  after we bought some snacks and drinks we goed back to the hotel and we drank and drank then she screamed ok everyone! it's spin the bottle time! we all went and formed a circle 


so we went to eat and when we ordered harry said why am i being nice to him i said because im in my country and i missed it so after we ate we went to buy souvenirs me and harry was looking at a necklace it was beautiful it was a heart and two pearls was beside it  then danielle and perrie called me because they were bargaining they were buying two pearl necklaces and earrings for the each of them then i said to the vendor to sell it for 1000 and he said 2000 then i said1500 then he accepted after that me and harry were walking when he gave me a box i said whats in in he said open it when i opened it it was the necklace! i said why? he said it was a thank you gift then i smiled he said if i want him to put the necklace on me i said yes then he put it on me then zayn approached us and asked if there was a seven eleven here i said yes we bought some drinks and chips after that we went back to the hotel and drank and drank i shouted  ok everyone! it's spin the bottle time!

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