hate turns into love ( a one direction fan fiction)

its about one direction


2. looking for a job/harry's birthday

then i finally saw a sign said models needed i went to inquire and they accepted me they said i will start tuesday then that tuesday i went to the studio and i saw  danielle peazer! she is a great model so after the photo shoot we talked and talked we became great friends that day

JANUARY 31 2011

danielle called me said she needed help with a birthday harry's birthday? harry styles? the name feels familiar anyway of course i said yes anything for a friend!


so this is the day im helping someone so that night danielle went to my house and she said if i could  drive 3 boys  their names were louis niall and of course harry i didnt know it was f!@king harry styles concert harry styles! OMG! so danielle said to me outloud okay andy pls give them a ride my car is full! of course i said yes then they left harry saaid shouting let see what kind of dump you drive! when i opened my garage door they seemed surprised maybe its because my car is old or its because my car is a lambourgini hnp? 

they said at the same time you drive a lambourgini? i said  yeah it was my parents car but they changed to a ferrari now  so let's go now zayn you seat on the front seat to guide me to the place  and you guys on the back seat ok?

while we were driving  we were finally there harry said wait this isnt the place! zayn said i know  then we went into harry's house and everyone shouted surprise! harry was surprised then the party goed one liam gave my gift to harry how was i supposed to know it was him i gave him a blue varsity jacket with the name styles on the back and his initials on it and my favorite number 15  then liam said ATTTENTION! PLS EVERYBODY  tommorrow we will go on vacation in the philippines with harry zayn and perrie me and danielle and her friend any so wish us good luck with our flight then the party goed on

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