hate turns into love ( a one direction fan fiction)

its about one direction


4. drinking time!!/ending

ok everyone! it's spin the bottle time!one including me drank and drank tequila then it was harry's turn the bottle turned to me tthen we kissed after the game everyone slept i pretended to be asleep when harry lifted me then placed me on the bed  i said harry? he said yes? i said i hate you! then we went to sleep the next day my alarm went off then i woke up i said everyone wake up when i looked no one was in their beds they were all ready to go except harry he was still bathing so i went to the downstairs bathroom and bathe and put on a dress then went upstairs and packed m y bags every one was ready  so we went to the airport and we rode the airplane class a my seatmate was harry while we were sitting i asked him if we can take a picture then he said yes after that i uploaded it then liam handed is something it was his tablet with a picture of us kissiing! i was shocked i said that is not me! then he said yes it is you look closer recognize that necklace? OMG what happened? after that  me and harry didnt notice each other much i was pretending to be asleep so i turned my chair into a bed i had my tablet with me i was  browsing through facebook when someone friend requested me it was harry so i accepted


i friend requested andy she accepted!  so i was updating my status it wrote why dont you accept that you like me a few minutes ago she posted her status too it wrote cause im scared to give you my heart   after that we went to sleep we were home  we were back in UK since that plane ride i havent seen her why? doesnt she want to see me? i asked everyone who knew her i asked liam zayn perrie louis eleanor  niall but i havent asked danielle so i went to danielle's house  she said she didnt see her in a while either and she didnt go to work either! what happened?

a few days later i was eating in a restaurant when i saw andy! i went to her it seemed like she noticed me too cause she went away fast but i catched up to her  i grabbed her arm and i asked her why dont i see you anymore? what happened to you? i just needed to think if i wanted to hangout with you guys anymore she said what happened to her? so i followed her to her house she went and locked the door i knocked and knocked but she didnt answer i heard her crying until she answered her eyes were red she hugged me  she said  dont let me go   i said  i wont then i kissed her 


me and harry are together  now i cant believe it we were just hating each other now were locking lips what happened? is this real? was i dreaming? is this really true  are we really together now? after that we were both smiling then we sat at my sofa watching laughing eating together then he went to go home he said that he will be at my house to pick me up at friday cause we were going to date he was so romantic i love him very much  but after months he said he wanted to break up with me i slapped him i loved him now he wants to break up i gave him his necklace back then he left



i cant belive it im no more with him i see pages news about him dating taylor swift after months they broke up its his birthday i still remember what happened for the last two years me and him hating then loving each other it goed to waste :(  after that  danielle called me! i didnt know she still knew me she said that she was in my house so i opened the door we talked she said what happened to the two of us there is nothing that happened im happy and free now i said go to harry's birthday she said i dont want to i said but you have to youll have me with you she said ok fine i said 

it was that night we went to his house i havent seen him in his house not that i was looking for him so that night me and danielle was just partying when i saw him he was struck he came close closer when we were looking eye to eye the memories the hurt it came back what was i supposed to do? he held my hand we went to a balcony when that moment it happened












HE KISSED ME then fireworks came flashing he looked me in the eye and said im sorry i was shocked i didnt know what to say i said its alright then he was smiling i smiled too but is this right is the spark still there? i dont know but all i know is


















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